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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Monday, May 24, 2004

*Bounces off the walls* I did it, I finished the rough draft of my novel! I wrote 13 and 1/2 pages just today. Woo hoo, I'm just way too wired. And I like my last few chapters (that is until people tear them apart).

Okay, I need to calm myself down so I can try to get to sleep tonight. I was writing since 1pm though, and I'm just so thrilled to have the draft done...although I didn't get to those critiques for WisCon I need done for Friday. Eek! If I only didn't have to go to work for the rest of the week... Damn stupid joke of a job.

Anyway, time to go e-mail people. I'm just way too excited. This has to be unhealthy. Happy writing!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Okay, dreams can be fun, especially when they give you writing ideas. Although, the ideas need to stop rolling in so I can work on my current projects. The dream I had last night actually planted a trilogy idea. Damn - that's the last thing I need.

Here I go. Some of this may not make sense because it might sound a bit scattered, but I just want to get the main ideas in my head down. Prince of Ice, Fire, and Lightning. War going on between this land and another (the other land is invading this land). This land keeps losing ground. The Prince was supposed to marry (Katja, that's her first name). She was perceived as not good enough for him (even though it was an arranged marriage). Katja was an orphan, but she had a special "power" (Not something necissarily magickal, and I'm not actually sure what it is, but it's something "special" about her). Katja can't handle the thought of all those people on the front lines dying - she wants to go fight. She's attracted to the prince, drawn to him, but her mind overrules her heart and she stands him up at the altar - her reasons being she wants to go fight and that she barely knows him). This society believes in a Goddess, much like the depiction of Mary - meek and loving. Most of the people forget the other face of the Goddess - her warrior face (also called Valkyrie). The Prince and Katja agree to "get to know each other better." He is truly in love with her, and promises he will never stop her from going where she wishes. See, the royal line all has three marks on their forhead (at birth) - red, yellow, blue, representing fire, lightning, and ice. These were once magickal representations, but that has been lost for generations. The Prince can feel the fire magick, the passion, the life essence, build inside him when he's alone with Katja. He heals her with it at one time. But he can't control it to aid others. Katja goes to the war front. She's seen as a joke, called the Prince's Harlot. There's rumors that the Prince only sent her there to die because she insulted and disgraced him by not weding him. She has to prove herself to even get a sword in her hand. She fights for their trust, to be given the chance to suggest other strategies. To prove herself, she's given the charge of a group of women warriors (who were all pulled from different units). The strategists saw this as a suicide mission. They returned with no casualties, and the women that followed Katja now trust her. They wish her to be their leader and she calls their group the Valkyries. Oh, around we're they're fighting there are these beautiful arches where the inside is carved with murals about the Goddess. At court, when they attend chapel, the women wear black robes and a shawl to match over their heads (white is seen as a bit childish). The strategists use Katja's strategies, but don't give her the credit. Katja struggles with whether or not the rumors are true. When the Prince shows up, she knows they're false. He is a good man, and does not follow in the footsteps of the few generations before him. He heals her there. She agrees to marry him once the war is over. Oh, yes, there is a doctor, his name is Doc Polly - the Prince takes advice from him, but the Doc also looks down upon Katja. The strategists want to use the rediscovered magick in the Prince. The Prince had demanded Katja be given credit for her ideas (he figured out on his own what was going on, and about the rumors). The strategists ask her to approach him.

Then what happens? I think I have to write the first novel to find out. I just have a hunch that each novel in the trilogy will be concerning each of the elemental powers mentioned. The Prince says "My father, and his father before him, and the many generations back lost the ability to use their gifts because they stopped listening to the Goddess. The fire comes alive when I'm with Katja, and only with her, so I would never wish her dead no matter how many times she leaves me at the altar. I can't control it. I'm still paying for my ancestors' ignorance." He needs to earn the powers back that his line has lost.

Huff. Puff. Okay, out of my head. Now maybe I can work on other things. Oh, I did write another Grinka and Syndago story. It was definitely healing to do so. I won't go into details, but it's titled "Ode to Buses and Libraries." If you want to know more, I'll let you all know when it's posted to my website. I think it'll be a while before I revise and submit that one. It actually ended up being about 14 pages (I wrote 11 yesterday - that's a lot in one day for me!).

Time to tackle all the other junk on my To Do list... *waves*

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, I found out this past Thursday that I will be out of a job as of July 1. The library I work at has decided to outsource the cataloging, so mine and my boss's positions are being eliminated.

I know I didn't like the day job, but I needed the money. Although, now I'm considering collecting unemployment for a couple months so I can work on my writing. And maybe find a job I enjoy more - in the writing field. My husband says it's my decision. How'd I get such a supportive husband (even though he's not making much money where he's at, so that's the major stress). If I had kids, I'd really be in deep shit.

All this has put a big damper on my writing. I didn't finish the rough draft of my novel yet. I've been too apathetic. I guess I need to get my ass in gear though. If I wander in delirium and depression for too long, I won't get any writing done. Although, I am formulating a story with lovable Grinka, Syndago, Tamor, and Tamara. It involves the Immortal Library - which will of course no longer be standing after they leave. A bus make plow through it too, I'm not sure (Immortal Express? When it takes 10 hours for an hour long trip...).

*Sigh* Okay, back to "work." Talk about awkward for the next two months. I feel like I'm going to throw up...

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Okay, so I spent the day working on my website instead of writing. I felt I needed to try the WebRing thing, so that took a while, and then I said, I mine as well make sure they website looks decent. Well, I needed a day to do my own thing. I'm pretty confident I can drudge up the energy to finish the rough draft this week.

On a website note - I'm currently working on my Links page, since it's quite sad. I would like to get a good list of my writing friends' and associates' websites and blogs. And of course if there are any other excellent writing pages that people might suggest, I would be glad to consider any suggestions. Leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail.

Time for bed because it's Monday tomorrow. Bleh.
I have changed the Comments over to a different host. It looks like this time it's working. Not like anyone will leave comments anyhow... *shrugs*

I'm almost to the end of the rough draft. I think. It might not be 75000 words like I wanted it to be for this draft, but I guess that's what the revising is for. Just need to get the bones down right now. My ultimate goal is 100000 words. I'm at, last I checked 67000. But I've written 11 pages between Friday and Saturday. Now to encourage myself to write today. :)

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Comments aren't working... I may have to find another host for them. If I don't hear back from the Entenation support by tomorrow, then I think I'll putz with it.

I've written another 5 pages!
I added a Comments option to my blog. It can be found at the end of each post, after the time stamp. I know, I should be writing. I was just taking a break...

2 pages yesterday, 3 pages today so far, and counting. :)