Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Not much to talk about. Hey, maybe I'll complain about all the crap I have to do...

No, I haven't written anything new. I organized my study though. It actually looks like a room now, not just a storage locker. Although, since I got rid of my futon, I need to scrounge up money to buy a loveseat. I write best when I'm all stretched out on a couch or loveseat, and I think my husband is sick of me taking over the livingroom when I have my study begging to be used. Sitting at a desk makes my back hurt. Thank the gods for handwritting and laptops. With all the things I want to get done though over the next few months, I doubt I'll be handwriting much.

Oh, I did post Ode to Buses and Libraries up on my website (just follow the link off to the right if you want to get to the website - it's under short stories). I have way too much fun writing Grinka and Syndago stories. It's good therapy. The next one will have to be with Grinka's ex-boyfriend (a goblin).

I'm off to my residency on Tuesday, so I'm not sure when I'll update next. That's what I have to prepare for. I still have critiques to do, two books to read, and now a paragraph to write for one of my modules. I'm supposed to write about my most painful childhood experience. How am I supposed to remember something like that when I've perfected the art of repression so well that my mind can't drudge anything up? I hated life all through high school, enough said. Can't use that though because we're just supposed to write the facts, not the emotions. *sigh*

I also plan to do a Book In A Week challenge with my online writing group in July. I think only two other people are interested though. It would have been cool to get more. If anyone who reads this and is a writer, if you're interested in setting a goal above what you usually write for a week (and this is only rough draft material - no revising), feel free to join the group. The link to Wisconsin Speculative Writers is also to the right. You don't have to be from Wisconsin to join. ;)

Okay, I've procrastinated at work enough I guess. Three more days in this miserable library. Then I'm free! Happy reading and writing!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What we're running from masks our true selves.


Had to write that down before I forgot it. Could be a kernel for a future story or novel. I know it sounds dull, but every idea has to start somewhere.

I guess I should give an update anyway, since it's been a while. The last couple weeks have blurred by.

Well, I went to WisCon, and was sick all of WisCon (a slight fever as a matter of fact). I'm still getting over being sick. Hence, I haven't written anything.

I received another rejection on one of my stories yesterday, and I'm at a loss on where to submit it next. Not to mention I have a couple other stories begging to be revised so I can submit them somewhere. Critiques up the whazoo to do. Ick, bad unintentional rhyme.

Maybe I'll be more on track after my next residency, which is in two weeks. Not having a job will free up a lot of time to organize my life in July. Hm, I should really post Ode to Buses and Libraries on my website. Happy writing all!