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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facebook Page

Yes, I wanted to update mid-month. So, I'm only 7 days late, right?

I now have a Facebook author page! Please click HERE to visit it - I would love it if people who Like/Fan the page would start up some discussions, as I'm always up for a good chat about writing. I now have things set up where if I post on the Facebook page, it will automatically post to Twitter as well, which is nice!

I also managed to finish the critique of the Monster Manuscript. After doing so, I found myself with nothing to critique. So, what did I do? Yea, I re-joined Critters. ONLY for short stories, though. My lovely critique partners churn out the novels, and I am quite happy to critique them, but they don't dabble with short stories, so I figured I should keep my mind honed when it comes to those as well, since I do write some occasionally. Even though I'll be sending shorts to Critters for critique, my crit partners better not think they won't see them as well! =D

No, this doesn't mean I've finished the rough draft of "Love Fades" or revised "Ode" - the former will hopefully happen this weekend.

My website has also been updated - that was a long afternoon project. Fixed some errors and the like. If anyone has any suggestions (aside from adding to the Tips & Prompts or Chronicles - I know I need to do that) for things to add or subtract from my website, please let me know!

As far as pursuing my MFA goes, I am supposedly registered for one online class that starts in Fall. I say supposedly, only because I had to do it via e-mail since I never received registration info...and I still haven't received the other things I was told I would. I'm not sure what's going on, but if I don't hear anything within the next week, I'll likely be sending another e-mail.

I think that's about all today. I feel a bit pressured for time - the little one is napping, and I have about 100 other things on my To Do List. =/ Makes me less chatty - heh.

Happy writing, all!