Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moving Bites

This might be short. Then again, it might not. Heh.

Sore. Tired. Well, the list would be longer if I could get my brain to function. Moving sucks, bites, rots. You get the point.

No writing has been done, of course.

I have been reading Dreamside during my lunch breaks at work and on the bus. Good book. :)

So, I should probably unhook my comp now, so it doesn't distract me the rest of the week from packing, moving, and cleaning...among other things like paying bills and change of address requests.

Big moving day is Friday, and that's when the DSL gets hooked up at the new place. The comps will be moved sometime on Thursday. So...I'll try to post again next week Tuesday.

Happy writing all!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So far in 2006...

Okay, feel free to yell at me for not posting again for a while. Saying things have been nuts might be an understatement. Well, I'm posting now at least. ;) So, here's the scoop.

We had the house closing this past Monday - yay! The next three weeks will be crazy with cleaning, packing, and moving. After the closing I napped (I hadn't slept too well the night before), and then we went to the new house...I took loads of pics, which I might post online somewhere, at some point. Tuesday, I had a job interview and then we had to go to my dad's. Wednesday I tried to relax a bit because Monday and Tuesday were so busy. As of this morning, I have a job. In other words, the interview obviously went well. It's only 15-19 hours a week (3 days each week), but it will be a long commute. This means once we move into the new house, it will be 5am mornings, on workdays, and likely not get home until 6 or 6:30pm. I start next Wednesday. So, hopefully once moved, I will be able to settle into a routine where I will write on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As for writing currently...ha! I'm lucky to be kind of keeping up with my online writing groups. Once the moving dust settles and I get used to my new routine, I'm sure things will pick up writing-wise. I am eager to get writing again (not so eager about sending out more queries - hehe).

I think that's all for updates. Oh, I am still waiting to hear from Luna about my query. At least that's still out there. :) Well, happy writing for those that aren't too busy to write at the moment!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Read the subject line. I shouldn't have to say it again here - hehe. ;)

Well, it's 2006, and I am leaving crappy 2005 behind me, hoping that the cat barf present shortly after midnight wasn't a sign for the upcoming year. :p Anyway, here are my writing goals/resolutions. It's a long list.

- Spend at least 35 hours a week, 25 if I get a part-time job, 15 if I get a full-time job, on writing related tasks
- Write 1 hour everyday, no matter what
- Write at least 5k of new material every week
- Revise at least 5k every week
- Complete Daina’s Dance, rough draft plus revisions
- Rough draft of The Mind Behind the Mind 2
- Complete novella and submit by February 1 (here's hoping packing and house stuff won't get in the way too much like it has been, and that I can find crits when I need them)
- Complete 6 short stories
- Critique 1 or 2 things a week
- Read writing newsletters, magazines, and books
- Make a writing priority list every week
- Keep up with writing groups and become more active in some
- Back-up files once a week, flash drive back-up every hour writing
- Attempt a summer BIAM
- Post on my blog once a week
- Update my website once a week
- Revise my query for my thesis novel, and keep querying
- Keep all completed short stories in circulation

The writing stuff is only one of three pages of goals/resolutions. Is there such a thing as list making OCD? If so, I have it. :( A couple other on my list that can be associated with my writing productivity:

- Get on a set sleep schedule
- Keep thing in order, so they can easily be found
- Be more optimistic and less defeatist (lately things have gone far past simple pessimism)
- Keep track of expenses, especially writing related ones
- No more than 20 hours of Everquest every week (starting the 2nd of January, of course, beginning of a week and all - you knew I'd have something like this on my list - heh)
- Get on top of my e-mails and letters

Okay, I won't bore people with the rest of my insane goals. I'm sure these are boring and crazy enough. If anything, I hope to at least build up to many of these things - slow but sure, which means when 2007 comes along, hopefully I can say I have done much of what I have listed.

Anyone else have any writing-related resolutions? Feel free to post a comment. :) Happy writing!