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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Read the subject line. I shouldn't have to say it again here - hehe. ;)

Well, it's 2006, and I am leaving crappy 2005 behind me, hoping that the cat barf present shortly after midnight wasn't a sign for the upcoming year. :p Anyway, here are my writing goals/resolutions. It's a long list.

- Spend at least 35 hours a week, 25 if I get a part-time job, 15 if I get a full-time job, on writing related tasks
- Write 1 hour everyday, no matter what
- Write at least 5k of new material every week
- Revise at least 5k every week
- Complete Daina’s Dance, rough draft plus revisions
- Rough draft of The Mind Behind the Mind 2
- Complete novella and submit by February 1 (here's hoping packing and house stuff won't get in the way too much like it has been, and that I can find crits when I need them)
- Complete 6 short stories
- Critique 1 or 2 things a week
- Read writing newsletters, magazines, and books
- Make a writing priority list every week
- Keep up with writing groups and become more active in some
- Back-up files once a week, flash drive back-up every hour writing
- Attempt a summer BIAM
- Post on my blog once a week
- Update my website once a week
- Revise my query for my thesis novel, and keep querying
- Keep all completed short stories in circulation

The writing stuff is only one of three pages of goals/resolutions. Is there such a thing as list making OCD? If so, I have it. :( A couple other on my list that can be associated with my writing productivity:

- Get on a set sleep schedule
- Keep thing in order, so they can easily be found
- Be more optimistic and less defeatist (lately things have gone far past simple pessimism)
- Keep track of expenses, especially writing related ones
- No more than 20 hours of Everquest every week (starting the 2nd of January, of course, beginning of a week and all - you knew I'd have something like this on my list - heh)
- Get on top of my e-mails and letters

Okay, I won't bore people with the rest of my insane goals. I'm sure these are boring and crazy enough. If anything, I hope to at least build up to many of these things - slow but sure, which means when 2007 comes along, hopefully I can say I have done much of what I have listed.

Anyone else have any writing-related resolutions? Feel free to post a comment. :) Happy writing!


  1. Any clock-related resolutions? ;)

  2. I had to sit and think about that comment for a while because I have been utterly dense lately...

    Yes, Super Dave, I hope to add to the Clock. ;) And I need to e-mail you, along with a gagillion other people!

    I have been using the word gagillion way too often lately...heh.