Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Friday, March 13, 2009


What am I waiting for? We'll get to that later. *flashes an evil grin*

I have updated the Links section on my website. If anyone has any other links for me to add, please let me know, as my list is no where near comprehensive. I had an idea for a writing prompt, which I hope to post in a couple weeks.

I have now signed up for Twitter. Since I don't blog as often as I'd like (and since typing a blog entry takes a lot of time), I figured it might be a good thing to try. You can find my Twitter updates on the left side of my blog, right above my Current Project info.

Speaking of Current Project info, no I have not managed to get anymore words out, but next week my brother-in-law will be visiting during his spring break, and besides putting him to work painting the bathroom, I intend to make him babysit his niece for at least an hour each day so I can write - heh. Also, the silly word meter is down, and I can't find another word meter that I like as much, so I just left the numbers up at least and I'll try to update those (even though I might work on a short story next week).

I did get a critique done, and I've started another - daylight savings time really threw a wrench in things because babies do not adjust easily, and I have had 2am nights all week.

I also sent three stories to slush piles, two have already come back as rejections, so I need to send them out again.

As for the queries I sent out, I received responses from the three I mailed out in February, but still nothing from the three I e-mailed in January. Two of the responses were rejections.

But query sending has been suspended for the month until further notice. Yes, I did say only two rejections...

I got a request from an agent to see my full manuscript! *cheers*

Hopefully I will hear back either way soon. I was told maybe two weeks (speedy in the agent world from what I know), but agents get busy and their current clients come first. Going back to the title of my blog post, that's what I'm waiting for, and I am a bundle of nerves, as usual. =)

Okay, true I didn't get any new words written, but at least I've done a bunch of writing related things. Until next time, happy writing, all!