Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wisdom Teeth

First, I want to thank Mike for the two book reccomendations. :) I'll be sure to add those to my list of books to buy.

Next, I will extrapolate about wisdom teeth because this is my blog, and I can. Got to love freedom of speech...sometimes. Well, my wisdom teeth are going to be yanked out (dug out in the case of my two impacted ones) on May 2. I had been trying to avoid this, hoping that none of them would be impacted, but no such luck. The doctor prescribed a valium for me to take right before the surgery - he must have easily seen how freaked I was.

Now, if I lose my wisdom teeth, will I be less wise? Okay, I'm being silly, but let me be silly - sometimes it's the only thing I can be good at. I mean, I know I'm not the wisest of people to begin with, so will this make it even worse? Will it have any impact on my crappy decisions and ability to do anything? I'm average at everything now, so will I be less than average at everything (including writing)?

I guess I'm done being silly now. It was amusing while it lasted. To me at least.

So, I wrote 1 page today. Progress - yay. I received my check for "Kindled" last week. :) I'd frame it, but the money will likely get used for the WPF Alumni Retreat in June - heh. The anthology is due to be out at the end of this month - woo hoo!

Not much else in writing news. I am at least hoping this week will be the week things will be mostly unpacked and organized so I can actually find all the stuff I need to start my tarot cards. I just feel I need to draw one before I can think of a story to go with it. Not like I don't have plenty of other things to work on for writing. Like maybe sending out more queries. That would be a thought.

Okay, I think that's all my brain can put together right now. Better than not posting for over a month again. ;) Happy writing all!