Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Good and The Bad

Okay. Another long delay between posts. I really have to stop doing that. Well, I have some bad news (you know me, I always seem to have bad news), but instead of letting the bad news take over, I am going to cover the good stuff first. And I intend to do this each blog entry. That way, once I start complaining about the nasty stuff, people can stop reading if they wish. ;)

I am in Pennsylvania at the moment - it's WPF Alumni Writers' Retreat this coming weekend, and I came early, so I could see some of my friends' thesis readings, and to get some writing done. So, with my little bit of extra time, I finally finished the rough draft of my Hell short story - yay! It feels good to have completed something. I know I have revisions (endless as always) to do, but this is the first rough draft of something I have completed since I finished my thesis novel. I feels good.

I'm also happy to be around so many like-minded individuals again for the week. Hanging around other writers with similar goals really wakes me up. Hopefully, after this I'll be able to set something up online with a few fellow writers where we have to meet online once a week, and we have to have some writing to show for it. It might work - there might me to be a bigger motivation though then just getting online glares if you don't have anything. :)

I'll also be going to my very first pitch session tomorrow. I'm not nervous yet, but I'm sure I will be about ten minutes before I have to open my mouth. Here's hoping I can get the words out. I've also been wanting to start my Fate world, tarot card idea, and that means drawing, but I forgot my ruler. :p Oops.

That's all of "The Good" I think. Time for "The Bad." I'll start with the worst. My laptop hard drive died on me, the night before I left for Pennsylvania! It couldn't wait to die until after the week. It knew I really needed it while here. So, I'm on a residency hall comp right now, instead of outside enjoying the beautiful day like I should be. I've also still been having troubles with my desktop comp at home.

It is official, Luna rejected my novel. Bleh. When I get home, it's time to tweak my query and start sending it out to more agents again. It feels horrible to have nothing in circulation at the moment. And I damn well better find a home for my story "Suicide Woes" because it deserves to be in print. I KNOW it's funny, unless when people say it is they're lying, but I think I believe most of them.

I could mention the shampoo bottle that exploded in my suitcase (everything smells like tea tree now - what a headache), but then you'd all think I'm REALLY complaining a lot. Oops, I did mention it - so I do complain too much.

I think that's it for now. No particular goals until I'm home next week. Ignore the word count meter bar at the moment - it's too much of a pain to keep track without my laptop on hand. Okay, happy writing all!