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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Website Update!

Today I have spent the day updating my website! Change is good, right? Well, it's not so bad when it's just a little change.

It was due, especially since I wanted to make sure I had no defunct or broken links after switching to my own domain name. Some things were merely updated, some were removed, another thing was added. If you wander over to the website, you can see a list of updates by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Website Updates. Also, if you notice anything isn't quite right, please bring it to my attention.

I haven't yet drawn up my blog plan, but I intend to do so tonight and tomorrow. I did tweek a few things in the left column for now on the blog. I've decided I won't be directly integrating it into my website - it's a bit of a headache from the directions I've seen, and I am fine with keeping things separate. There is now a link right on the top left to easily get back to my website for those that visit my blog from there.

I'm still plugging along with revising. This time I also revised my short story "Bound". It will get a final edit this weekend and be sent out! *crosses fingers for an acceptance somewhere*

I also delved into Pinterest today. I only have two things pinned right now, but I hope to explore the platform more and pin many more things! One of my pins is actually Everquest. Why do I bring this up? Because I have plans for several silly gaming posts, mostly associated with Everquest, since that is what I am familiar with. Ah, the fantasy of losing myself in the world of Norrath since 2005, and for many more years to come (I hope). It's definitely a well-rounded fantasy world. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a gaming series, and one where you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the posts!

On a final note, Writing Quest - June is now open, so come and join us! Happy writing, all!

NEXT UP: Crazy Necro Antics, First Edition - Summer!

Friday, May 18, 2012

She Lives!

Did you think my class work had chewed me up never to spit me out? Well, almost.

I'm still reeling from it all, but I am done with the term! One last residency in June, at which time I will graduate with my M.F.A. Woo hoo!

I guess I should update everyone on my writing progress and goals. *rolls sleeves up*

I am currently through 55 pages of revisions for Dead As Dreams, and my goal is to complete the first round of revisions by the end of September. Even though I had an amazing amount of class work last term, I am fired up with my writing. The momentum I have is great, and I intend to keep it going. Dead As Dreams needs to get to the point where I can start querying agents!

Speaking of queries, this month or next, I'll be sending out one last round of agent queries for The Mind Behind the Mind. Then it gets sent to a major publisher to sit in a slush pile for a while so I can worry about other projects, and perhaps a few years down the road I'll write both of the sequels and consider indie publishing them. But I have plenty of other writing to keep me busy before then.

I've also started a new project. This is a majorly long term project. I'm working with a friend to create an online creature collectible game, similar to Magistream. The site will be called Elements of Anian. I'm currently developing the world of Anian, and I intend to write some novels based in the world as well. I've actually written the first chapter of the first novel, Into the Ash, already. It's a young adult dark fantasy. I'm quite excited about all of this, and I hope the website does get off the ground, but if for some reason it doesn't, I'll at least have novel ideas lined up. ;)

As you can tell, the Daina's Dance progress bar hasn't moved. I don't know what it is about that novel, but I am having some major issues trying to figure out what to do with it. So, I'll be experimenting a bit with it in the next few weeks, changing the tense--re-writing versus adding new writing. Progress is progress, even if it is experimenting!

Oh, were you wondering when I was going to start blogging more consistently? Was that the news you were actually waiting for? Soon! I need to map out my battle plan for the rest of the year, but I do hope to start posting once per week again by the end of the month (maybe even next week), and then I intend to up my posts to two or three times per week. I just need to make sure it's not cutting into my writing time a lot. I can't rein in the momentum! Writing is more important than blogging, although I have a bunch of fun blogging. I do have a couple new blog series ideas, which I hope people will enjoy. =)

I just wanted to mention a couple more things in this post:

First, there is still time to sign up for the In Your Write Mind retreat! You won't be disappointed. Please visit the website to at least see who the guests will be.

And Writing Quest - May is of course underway, and many of us have made tons of progress on our goals. Don't be afraid to join in even if the month is already halfway over!

Also, I'm still looking for any feedback for what you'd like to see me blog about. Feel free to fill out this Survey!

Happy writing, all! =)