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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dude In Distress - Part 1: Frantic Filly

This story was originally written as an RPG campaign for the game Valley of Unicorns. I thought it was such a fun story, so I revised it by creating my own player characters, and I did mock rolls as well to see just how much muck the characters could mire themselves in. Happy adventuring!

You can also find this story on Wattpad.

* * * * *

It's a calm, sunny afternoon at The Watering Hole in the Valley--birds singing, dragonflies flitting from lily pad to lily pad. Murmurs of equine conversation circle the pond, along with laughter and cheer.

"I'm bored," Sun says. "Bored, bored, bored. And you stole my spot at the edge of the water, Star."

Star rolls her eyes. "You're always bored, unless you're at sparring practice. And there's plenty of edge left. You don't need to be on top of me."

Her twin sister has a tendency to suffocate her. She doesn't know why--Sun is a physical type and enjoys to beat things up, but Star prefers to aid the other horses, using the magic in her horn to heal. They may look alike, both storm unicorns, but they are nothing alike. Most times Star helps heal the bruises Sun causes.

"It's peaceful, and I'm enjoying it," says Star. "Go take your foul attitude elsewhere."

A clattering of hooves shatter that peace. A young fire unicorn filly, eyes wild and mane tousled, storms into The Watering Hole, nearly tumbling into the water headfirst.

"Help, help!" She collapses and dips her nose into the pond, taking a long drink. Then she inhales and bellows, silencing the birds and sending the dragonflies skittering. "Help! My fiance has been taken, and someone must save him."

Quell approaches the filly and touches his nose to her shoulder. "Calm now, young one." His voice has a sing-song quality, a hint of the beautiful tenor that explodes from his mouth when he sings. And oh, he loves to sing. So much that he drives many other unicorns away because he won't shut up. Some think he's just trying to make up for his dull bay coloring with a bit of beauty. "I'll help you. And I'm sure some others will too."

"Of course," Burn says. "How can I not assist a lady in distress?" Sparks jump from the end of his horn, lavender to match his gleaming coat. Big show off. Though his magic is powerful enough to back up his ego.

"It's not me that's in distress, but my poor fiance, Dom," the filly says.

Sun pushes herself up from the ground. "We'll help too!"

"Hey," Star whispers, "Don't go volunteering me for things. You're the one that's bored."

"Come on, sis, live a little."

Star reluctantly moves from her quiet spot at the water's edge, knowing she can't allow her sister to gallop off alone, and walks up to the filly. "What happened, dear? Fiona, isn't it?"

The filly nods. "Dom and I were walking along the river, having a romantic afternoon together when she appeared. I recognized her--Dom had mentioned another filly was after his affections, but he turned her down because he loves me. Well she showed up and demanded Dom go with her. When he said no, she used some type of magic and grew to four times her normal size, and snatched him up in her mouth. I followed her to a cave, but then I lost her because it was too dark to chase her down a tunnel. I fear her brain is unhinged and that if Dom doesn't agree to become hers, she'll surely kill him. Maybe even eat him! Will you save him from this Big Bad Girl?"

"Oh, I think I know who you're talking about," says Sun. "That ice blue unicorn? The one that prefers to live underground? I don't think anyone even knows her real name."

"Yes, that's her."

"We'll save Dom, no problem," Burn says. "He'll be back by your side before dinner. Maybe sooner."

Star sighs. This sounds like a quest that might take longer than an afternoon.

"I insist on going with you, though," Fiona says. "There is no way I'm going to stay behind and let you go after Big Bad Girl without me." The determination in her face is evident.

Their hooves are forced. Not only does the merry band have to save Dom, but they have to keep Fiona safe as well. "Let's gather supplies," Star says.

Fiona pushes herself up from the ground and takes one final drink. "Once you have everything, please follow me. I fear we'll have to travel deep underground, into the mountain."

Star takes charge and makes sure all five horses have packs with enough food along. All but Fiona is adorned with some type of armor. Sun and Quell have reinforced horns and hooves, and Sun has a buckler attached to her leg. Star puts on her cloak and blue beads to help if any healing is necessary, while Burn has red beads and a cloak as well to assist him with his more destructive magic.

Once they're sure they have all that they need, they allow Fiona to lead the way to Big Bad Girl and Dom.

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