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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moving Bites

This might be short. Then again, it might not. Heh.

Sore. Tired. Well, the list would be longer if I could get my brain to function. Moving sucks, bites, rots. You get the point.

No writing has been done, of course.

I have been reading Dreamside during my lunch breaks at work and on the bus. Good book. :)

So, I should probably unhook my comp now, so it doesn't distract me the rest of the week from packing, moving, and cleaning...among other things like paying bills and change of address requests.

Big moving day is Friday, and that's when the DSL gets hooked up at the new place. The comps will be moved sometime on Thursday. So...I'll try to post again next week Tuesday.

Happy writing all!

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