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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

First Things First

Okay, I figured I'd give this a try. See, I have this problem with not keeping things updated (like my webpage) and not writing things down when they're on my mind. So, I'm going to try this and see if I can depend on myself enough to add to the blog at least once a week. Goddess knows I'll make excuses and they'll be bad excuses. I guess right now I will state, I'm a very insecure writer (and I know I'm not alone in this) and I always think another writer's writing is better than mine. Therefore, pessimism will abound on this blog. And if you don't want to hear me feeling sorry for myself, don't read my posts (like anyone will read these posts anyway, no one ever goes to my webpage, why would anyone read anything I have to say - there's that pessimism I spoke of).

Okay, okay. Enough complaining for now. Last night I finished the rough draft of a short story entitled "Prince, Upon a Black Horse." I was euphoric with the thrill of finishing a story - I don't think I'm the only writer that gets that way, at least I hope not. It's such a rush to complete something, even if you know it will undergo many a revision. That's all for now . . . maybe I should work on updating my pathetic website now . . .

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