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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

She was a slave. Her mistress's husband was the father of her child. When they chose to sell her to someone else, they took the child from her, so the mistress could raise the baby girl as her own. In this society it is the daughter that carries the name and gains the land and property of her parents. It was the seperation from her child that struck her silent.

She has lived much of her life since then in Dreams. It has been sixteen years since she lost her daughter, yet she's aged only a few years, for when she is in the Dreams she doesn't age. Her talent manifested when she matured during adolescence, but the loss of her voice stengthened her connection to Dreams, allowing her to take a certain level of control. Her true speech, that of speaking to others' minds, also developed when she ceased using her tongue to communicate.

Is she still a slave? Physically, I'm not sure. Emotionally and mentally she still feels chained by the outer world, unable to steer herself in the direction she chooses. She has never had a choice.


Two posts in one day. Sheesh. Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job. This is when I have time to listen to music and form ideas.

Oh, I didn't mention last time. I finshed Part II of my rough draft this weekend. *Happy dances* Now, Part III, which shouldn't take me too long because I have a feeling it will be during the revising that it gets expanded into a goodly length. No more posts today, I swear.

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