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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I'm in the middle of a BIAW (Book In A Week) Challenge on my Wisconsin Spec Fic writing group, and exhausted already. I've already discovered that I made my goal way too high. 70,000 is just a bit much. So far I've been averaging 5,000 words a day, so I might make it half-way to my goal.

Although, I am no where near disappointed about not writing as much as I expected. This has been a wonderful learning experience so far. It's clued me in to my physical and mental limitations when it comes to writing. I'm thrilled that I was ablt to write out more than what I normally wrote in a month (for my other novel - the project for my writing program), in two days!

It might also have helped me write more if I knew where I was going. The middle is one big blur for this novel. No lectures about outlines. *cringe* That takes all the creativeness out of it for me. And, well, frankly, I wouldn't have had the little turns that have already come up if I would have written an outline.

I know my pattern though - having less time to write brought it to my attention. I have to sit and mull over a few scenes, figure out what my characters are going to do next. Then I write those scenes. After that, I'm at another wall, so then I need to mull over the next few scenes. It's like when I write a short story - it's as if it's one big scene to me since it's so short, so I usually know where I'm going with it. I'm also learning what my best pace is. All this will help me set more realistic weekly writing goals in the future. This self-discovery is great.

Unfortunately, as I was falling asleep last night, my mind latched onto a major plot hole. *grumbles* Always in the rough drafts. It's not a big enough one to drive a mack truck through, but it's big enough for me. I think it can easily be fixed though (when I revise). Then I thought of another possible POV character, which would require to go back and insert scenes. Should I do this now? Would it be considered revising? Probably. I should just file it away for later. I have a feeling this rough draft is going to be super short, especially since I'm really only working with the main plotline right now. There is so much possibilty for sub-plots.

Okay, enough of me. I should be spending this time writing, not working on the blog. Happy writing all!

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