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Monday, February 14, 2005

First Deadline Down...Only 2 More Before the Novel is Due!!!

Signs that I've been playing too much Everquest:

- I am now a Journeyman Brewer with a 202 trivial
- My trivial for Baking is 191
- I made ANOTHER new character (a froglok cleric this time - the poor thing, you can see up her skirt when she's swimming :p)
- I was willing to go to a very scary zone tonight that I'm too low of a level for (that means I've played too much EQ and was too tired to think straight - although the trip wasn't a success, I didn't die, and that's always good)
- I went 2 days straight without revising anything

Urk. If you don't play Everquest, you won't understand half of what I said, but everyone will understand the last one. I'm still in my first revision. I'm approaching the majorly muddy zone, and it's looking about as risky as going to Skyfire with a level 46 Wizard... So, if I could go to Skyfire, I guess I can revise the crap that's next - let's hope the revising is a success, unlike my trip to Skyfire.

Another thing that shows I've been playing too much Everquest: I keep comparing my revising to the stupid game! Anybody have some spare willpower lying around? I seem to have lost mine somewhere in the Plain of Knowledge. And that's a very big, and very busy zone!

Enough Everquest metaphors. At least I've updated my blog, and it's still Sunday night in my mind (I know 2am technically makes it Monday, but the day's not over until I go to sleep). Wish me luck for a more successful writing week - I will get that first revision done - I have faith in myself (number 27 on the goals lists peeks its head out again).

Happy hunting....er, I mean writing.

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