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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Avoiding Posting

Have I been putting off posting here? Pretty much, yes. Why? Because I'm still not done with that first revision. Close though. I just pushed out 5 pages today in less than an hour - I think that's a record for me, since I usually only get 2-3 pages done in an hour.

I formulated my battle plan today while showering and waiting for my food to reheat. It's a good battle plan, I think, but it will also require my mentor to get me feedback to me by certain dates. She'll be getting an e-mail soon about that. :) Okay, first revision needs to be finished by this Thursday, March 10, the second deadline of the term. The 11th will me spent organizing and planning the second revision. Starting the 12th, I need to revise 25 pages a day, so I'm done with that revision by the end of March. Every 50 pages I complete, I'll send off to the person that agreed to look over it for me and give me editing comments. I plan on doing some of the editing while I work on the second revision, but will finish up that editing April 1 - April 8. Manuscript will then be sent out to my readers on April 9 (because the deadline of April 10 is on a Sunday when the post offices are closed! - this is not fair).

Sound reasonable? I think it does. Although I'd like to squeeze in writing a story for the Writers of the Future Contest, and I need to write a synopsis for the White Wolf contest. Might not happen. Thankfully the White Wold contest has been extended to April 15.

That's all I have to say for now. Wasting precious writing and cleaning time. Oh one more thing. I just started an EQ Anonymous blog on Guild Portal. Check it out if you too are addicted to Evercrack - and post! Although I've been better than usual in the last week, I really have. :)

Happy writing!

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