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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I got back on Monday from the Writing Popular Fiction Alumni Retreat. It was fun (although I didn't get as much writing done as I wanted to - Shepherd must be continued - grrr). It was also a nice break for my hand. I am currently at work now, though. :( Lunch break. Figured blogging would be more productive after eating, since I am stuck in a big battle in reading Clash of Kings (did I ever mention I'm not a huge fan of ongoing war in fantasy - this book has been tough for me to get through, but that is just my taste).

Anyway. The retreat. :p One week was a tad too long away from home, so if I go next year, I think I need to shorten it by a couple days. I did get "Bloodstains" revised, and e-mailed that out to a contest. Did a brief crit session with Chun and Heidi.

Oh, and Heidi has been doing a Pick Six on her live journal, where she has writers choose 6 questions to answer for an interview. She does a fine job with it (and I wonder where she finds all the time and energy to do it). Mine went up last week: Click Here to take a look at it. Also, don't forget to take a look at the rest of her live journal - some great Pick Sixes all around.

Back to the retreat (so, I'm not consistent today, phooey to consistency). I had a chance to pitch to an agent during the retreat - I felt like I stumbled over my own tongue too much, but she did request 50 pages and an outline. Speaking is NOT my forte...I mean, I AM a writer. ;) She was nice, though, and the session she had about choosing agents was informative (and funny - lol). I like seeing agents that say they will only take on clients whose work they love. That's what I want, above all, is to find someone that loves my writing and is willing to find the right spot for it out in the scary publishing world.

If I detailed the rest of the retreat, this would be a long blog indeed. It was fun, and something I think I needed.

Yesterday I sent out those 50 pages, as well as 3 short stories to different markets. I have 5 things out in circulation now! Yay for getting my butt in gear. It took a while to research the short story markets, so I didn't get the short story on my list revised, or any scenes written for Shepherd. If I didn't have this brainless part-time-feels-like-full-time job, I would have been working on those today. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be too exhausted. maybe once some bills are paid down I can kiss this job good-bye and concentrate more on my writing. It could happen, right?

Okay, see, I've been productive. Always a good sign. I need to keep it up. I will keep it up? Yes, I know, ditching the ? would make it sound more optimistic. I'm trying at least. A little.

By the way, I am leaving Critters.

Happy writing all!

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