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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rejection from Bards and Sages Quarterly

I have edited out some formatting snafus and Xed out the name of the responder:

Thank you for your submission to the journal. Unfortunately, it does not meet our needs. While apparently the subjects of the story are non-humans, that in and of itself does not make it a speculative story. All that is really presented here is another awkward teen angst moment decorated with a speculative motif. The narrator is annoying in a rather emo sort of way, and the constant interruption of the story with the "thump" "bend" nonsense is distracting window dressing that does nothing to build the scene or move the narrative. At the end, all we have here is a wallflower that got invited to dance. Good for her, but not really an engaging story.



  1. What a tosser!

    What we have here is a case of "Editor Frenzy." This condition chiefly afflicts those who have no writing success but who have been given a role in the acquisition process, thereby allowing this tool an outlet for frustrations over his or her own failures.

    Really, as an editor myself who is part of the acquisition process, there is NO call for this sort of drivel. This was obviously phrased in such a way as to inflict the most hurt on a writer's feelings. Every sentiment in this letter could have been phrased in such a way as to be positive in his/her criticism.

    At least we know why this editor is so frustrated with his/her (though I suspect he's a man) writing career. No self control and no grace in writing.

    Either toss it or frame it and then move on. Your writing deserves a much better representative than this trashy outlet anyway.


  2. I've read some ugly letters but this one is the ultimate. VG is right--toss it or frame it, but don't let this jerk's attitude get you down.

    Cheryl The Mystery Writer