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Friday, July 30, 2010

So Ends July - August, Here I Come!

I apologize for not updating the word (and page) count on the left of my blog...or writing a blog update before now. If you have been watching my Twitter feed (also still on the left side), I've at least been keeping up with that. Sometimes, I just need to focus on one way of updating or I will spend more time updating than doing everything else that needs to get done - including writing. =P

Anyway, on with the blogging!

How did everybody do for Writing Quest - July? Close to goal, exactly at goal, surpassed the goal? If you had a setback and weren't able to reach your intended goal, don't feel guilty. Life happens, and we have a new month about to start with new goals right on the horizon. The key is to not give up. Keep plugging away (or keep torturing yourself, however you'd like to perceive it). It's what all writers have to do.

Speaking of writers and undergoing the torturous journey, I highly recommend you read the following blog post by Scott A. Johnson - The Writing Life: The Ugly Truth. Even non-writers should read it (perhaps especially non-writers, so you all know what us writers go through). It IS the ugly truth, and I think every writer has a bit of a masochist in them, since they subject themselves to these things on purpose.

Back on topic. Writing Quest - July. I managed to write about 23 pages - over 5,800 words. I am QUITE happy I wrote more than I did in June. The slow climb into productivity feels good. I wrote 9 of 31 days. Yes, there is still today and tomorrow. We'll see about today, but tomorrow I will be camping and the laptop is not coming with. 31 pages was goal, but that's all right, I was much closer to my goal than I have been in the past when making scary, crazy goals. I also discovered for the first time that I need to edit my graph in my word count spreadsheet...when it passed 50% it started to go back down. =/ We'll see if I have the patience to figure out what is wrong with the thing. It depends on how much I feel I need to see that lovely pie chart showing my progress.

I've also been keeping up with critiques this month. I didn't get a chance to revise "Love Fades" which I need to do so I can send it out.

The only thing I worry will cut back on my writing progress is my first class toward my F starts at the end of the month. Lots of reading, lots of essay writing - I'll be swamped! Fortunately, it actually bodes well as far as blogging goes because I will be posting all of my essays here. When was the last time I blogged at least once a week? ;)

July is coming to a close, though. On to August. New month, new goals! If you didn't join in last month with the Writing Quest, you're welcome to join in any month at any time. Either post your goals here, on the Facebook event wall, or Twitter about it using the tag #writingquest

I am stepping up my writing goal for Writing Quest - August. Let's see if I can get 11,500 words, or about 46 pages, written! I am going to try to write every day again, and I hope to get writing in on more than 10 days this time.

Oh, I did finally finish reading A Storm of Swords and have started in on A Feast for Crows (which will be interrupted by class). I do still enjoy some of the characters in George R. R. Martin's books, but I was kind of hoping Sansa would have met her demise by now - she grates on me to no end.

That about wraps things up for this post. Here's hoping I find time to update again mid-month (if anyone cares - ha). =) Happy writing, all!

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