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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Online Critique Workshops

As mentioned in my previous post, it's beneficial to give and receive critiques, no matter what stage of writing you are in. Sometimes it's difficult to find the right place to exchange critiques, though. You will have to test groups yourself to find a good fit for you.

Below is a list of online critique workshops. It's by no means comprehensive, and many of the links lean towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as those are the genres I am more knowledgeable in. Sometimes you can find critique partners via writing forums as well.

Online may not work for you--search for critique groups locally as well, or start one yourself. I found my critique partners through my M.A. program (we exchange via e-mail, but I've met them in person during the residencies or retreats).

Also keep in mind, if you form a local group you are likely to have people with many genres--this is not necessarily a bad thing! We can learn a lot from critiquing outside of our genre as well. OK, on with the links:

Critique.org - This includes the Critters workshop. Recently, many new workshops have opened for a lot of genres. No cost. If you have questions about how it's run, feel free to ask me, as this is the one on the list I actively belong to for short story critiques.

Hatrack Writers Workshop - This one is off of Orson Scott Card's website, hosted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury. The information I read does not state it is genre specific. No cost.

Online Writing Workshops - Currently only have a SF/F/H workshop, but have had general fiction and romance in the past. First month free. $49 per year. Yes, they charge, but I know they have been around a long time - it could be worth it for some people (at least you get a month free to test it out).

Critique Circle - Another big one that's been around for a while. All genres. No cost.

Other Worlds Writers' Workshop - F/SF genres. No cost.

Coffeehouse Select or Casual Critique Communities - Looks like all genres. No cost.

Short Story Writers' Group - Only short stories and poetry. All genres. No cost.

Science Fiction Writers Workshop - Speculative fiction only. No cost.

Fiction Writing Brainstorming & Critique Partnership - This is a fledgling group on Facebook, but it has a lot of potential! All genres. No cost.

Some writing forums where you may be able to exchange critiques or find critique partners (there are countless forums out there, don't be shy to use Google):

Absolute Write Water Cooler
Forward Motion for Writers
Author Nation

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