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Friday, July 12, 2013

Vision Issue

Yes, I was supposed to blog on Wednesday. I was actually going to get that blog post up today. Lo and behold, this morning one of my nose pads to my glasses snapped off. The metal must have weakened enough and had it with me pushing my glasses up my nose.

Right now, if I wear my glasses, I have a sharp piece of metal digging into my nose. Hopefully I'll be able to get a temporary repair done tonight, but if they can't glue it back on at all, even for a short time, I will be without for likely a month (insurance - that every 12 month thing for coverage sucks, you know).

I am currently developing a headache just trying to type without the glasses!

So, posts will be further delayed (as will writing and other things that I would love to be able to see to do) because I would prefer metal not digging into me and gouging a hole in my nose on a regular basis.

Maybe I'll take a nap--that doesn't require vision. ;)

OK, time to hold my glasses to my eyes to see how many misspellings I made while typing blind.

NEXT UP: When vision returns, I'll post about In Your Write Mind 2013.

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