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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So, life keeps throwing roadblocks in my way.

I figured I'd at least post an update of things, but by the looks of it, I'll be on hiatus from blogging for at least another month--by mid-November I should be back to more regular posts at least.

I developed some pregnancy complications. Several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This diagnosis has not only stressed me out to no end, it's also consumed a lot of my time trying to monitor my sugars, time meals perfectly, count carbs to make sure my sugars don't spike, and have to schedule three times the amount of appointments I originally needed to schedule. If I wasn't going for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), perhaps I wouldn't be quite so stressed. But I can't be induced for a VBAC, and the doctors will only let me go so far due to the diabetes--in other words, going overdue isn't much of an option, unless I refuse another c-section and decide to go overdue anyway, but part of me thinks that would be selfish since my goal is to make sure baby arrives healthy.

Of course all of this has brought my writing to a halt. I'm attempting to focus on my health (exercising is a must as well, and it's so hard to walk with all the creaky pains of pregnancy) and baby's health first. There will be time to write after baby is here--no snickering. Babies do take up time, but it's easier to plop baby into my husband's arms and go to another room to write for an hour than it is to take a break from her being in my belly and blocking my ability to utilize insulin!

I do intend to critique a little--I have something on my plate this week that needs to get done. This is mainly so my brain keeps functioning at more thought-provoking levels. ;)

Six and a half more weeks to my due date, but I'm hoping she decides to arrive a couple weeks sooner than that! I have to get the revisions of Dead As Dreams finished!

Oh, I do have one bit of good news. Harper Voyager has reduced their pile of submissions from their open call in October 2012 to 550 manuscripts (out of around 4500). I sent an inquiry to make sure I didn't miss a rejection in the e-mail ether. They confirmed that my manuscript is still under consideration. It feels good that The Mind Behind the Mind has made it this far. I count myself lucky, even if I do eventually receive that rejection. So, yay!

Otherwise, that's my update. I hope to at least plan out some posts before I start posting again so I have a good idea of what I'll be writing about over a decent span of time. Until then, happy writing and reading!

NEXT UP: In all likelihood, a birth announcement. ;)

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