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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

New Orleans Fun! (Mostly Pictures)

In between the December madness (and by madness, I mean my to do list that has scrambled my anxiety into a tangled ball of thread), I'm posting some New Orleans pictures! I didn't want to wait to do this until January, so here I am. To make this quicker, I will attempt to be a writer of few words (this is so, so hard - lol).

My family and I went down to New Orleans in October to enjoy all the Halloween fun. This was my fifth time in New Orleans, hubbie's second, and my kids' first. We all had a blast!

The main event we went down for was the Krewe of Boo Halloween parade. Here's some of the awesome floats. Quite frankly, I'm shocked both of my kids could move with all the beads around their neck once the parade finished up. Don't ask how we fit it all in our suitcases flying home!

That last picture up there is of the plastic coins they threw. What an awesome souvenir! We also went to Boo At the Zoo - the first picture below shows the pool died red. Oh, no, the elephants are bathing in blood! XD The other fountain you see is just outside the Botanical Gardens in City Park.

I loved some of the Halloween decorations in the French Quarter. So fun!

Finally, I leave you with tons of pictures of yummy food. We went to so many great restaurants. And yes, even my kids enjoyed the local cuisine!

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