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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

NaNoWriMo 2023, Dead As Dreams Update, And A Halloween Pic

It's November! Yay! And I can't do what I originally planned to do for NaNoWriMo. Booooo.

As of this morning, I had two scenes left to revise in Dead As Dreams (Saga of Souls & Dreams). Right now, it's one (mind you, the scene I worked on today ended up being over double what I estimated it would be...). So, I need to finish that scene tomorrow. I'll be counting the revisions for both scenes on my NaNo word count.

But once I'm done revising, I need to dive directly into editing Dead As Dreams, as I FINALLY intend to publish it on November 29.

This means no drafting fun this month for me. Sigh. I've been wanting to get back to Magic Morsel, add to Gemini's Echo, and draft the next Fortunes of Fate story. All that will likely have to wait until 2024, as if past Decembers are any indication, I'll get no writing done this December.

However, that doesn't mean no NaNo. I'll be counting every hour of editing as 500 words. NaNo Rebel! Forever and always. And I probably won't hit 50k, but do I ever?

So that's the scoop with NaNoWriMo 2023 for me. I won't be keeping track on my blog at all for NaNo progress either. Life has me a tad overwhelmed right now. Good luck to all those undertaking the NaNo challenge (rebels or not)!

Oh, just for some fun, here's a picture of my fairy garden decorated for Halloween. =D

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