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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Friday, October 03, 2003

More than a week, but not too much more. :) I've been sick, so there's my excuse for the day.

Recently, I've had to change my project that I'm working on for school from present tense to past tense - it was more than just encouraged by my mentor. Reluctantly, I submitted, but I know it will be worth the pain.

So, I was just looking at some of my old writing that I have on my website, and low and behold, most of it is in past tense. When the hell did I get addicted to present tense? In an effort to discover when I was "led astray" I went through everything I had on my website. It didn't give me answers - at all. I think it might have been a slow progression into latching onto present tense.

Mostly, whenever I was writing in first person, like with my first really crappy novel, Death of the Dragon, I was writing in present tense. Currently, what's posted for that though, I have the flashback in past tense (the rough draft was all present tense, and the first Entry is the only one that was converted). And I also know a couple things I started in past tense, I then decided to switch to present tense. Maybe my style for writing in first person started to leak over into my third person writing style?

Who knows. No one will ever be able to figure out the workings of my mind, including myself (much to the chagrin of my husband). One thing I learned from looking at my old works - I can write in past tense and it won't kill me. Hell, even though most of my older writing is crap, it still actually sounds good in past tense.

So, I think whenever I start something new, I need to give it a bit more thought on whether it should be past or present tense. Although, no one's going to pull me away from first person present tense - ever. ;)

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