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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Monday, December 01, 2003

It's been a long time since I posted. Okay, a month and a half is a really, really long time. My first term at school ended at the end of October, and my mind is still trying to catch up. It's sad to say, I haven't done much lately with my writing, although I should continue to work on and flesh out my project. I think I'm just so beat and I need to veg to be productive at all. Well, I did revise my short short and submit it to a contest. I also have two chapters of another book written (I had to have something for workshop next residency). I haven't even done any critiques for Critters. Bad writer, bad, bad writer. Hopefully realizing that it's December now will get my ass in gear and I'll be productive. Three weeks and I get almost a whole two weeks of (of course the craziness of X-mas will get in the way of being productive then). I'm rambling. Hmm... So, there's my new post. Oh, and The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is starting to annoy me. I don't know, but sometimes his writing just seems off. maybe it's all the head jumping he does - very disconcerting. I'm done now. If anyone has any ideas to encourage me to get out of my after term slump, please feel free to e-mail me. I like e-mails... Happy writing!

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