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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Nothing much on this end...

Hey everyone who reads my blog (and those wonderful internet waves which are forced to read my blog)!

Okay, this is just a mandatory post because I have nothing much going on here, but I figured I should keep up with my posting once a week (yes, it's Sunday, I count it as the last day of the week for me). The revising still looms, and I have a deadline on Tuesday. I also hate computers more, namely Microsoft, but everyone has their own opinion on that company, I'm sure.

*Twiddles thumbs* Um. I still want to redo my website and tweek the blog template a bit, but I must find the time somewhere (I know it's hiding, and I just haven't found it yet). Look at all the parentheses in this post. Who says a writer can't ramble on about nothing? No one ever said it needed to make sense...

Anyway, watch my blog, I'm bound to have something annoying and blog-worthy soon (there is little out there that I can't find something about it to complain about). Oh look, more parentheses.

By the way, Kushiel's Dart was good - finished reading it this past week.

Happy reading and writing all!

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