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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blogging Guilt

How long has it been? Well, that nagging guilt has pushed me to post. So much for keeping people updated (well the one or two people that read my blog, anyhow). Oh, yes, can you tell I'm in bit of a depressed mood? Don't ask me why. I can't answer that question.

Well, May 10 is about to slam into me, and I have numerous books to read, a 5-10 page term paper to write, 120 pages of other people's manuscripts to critique, plus a 2-3 page end of term self-assessment to write, all by next Tuesday. Joy. And not to mention dealing with necessary things for my friend's wedding on the 13th (like only getting 4 hours of sleep tonight to go to her last dress fitting...it would have been so much easier if she were getting married next year). Oh, I also need to revise my synopsis, make sure my query letter is acceptable, and polish a few odds and ends in my novel somewhere in there. I want to get the query package out to agents as soon as possible, but that might not be until the end of May at this rate.

No wonder I'm depressed - I'm overwhelmed and nearing panic mode.

Some good news. One of my two readers already sent me my grade (along with comments), and it was passes across the board. Yay! Now I await Diane's grade. Oh, I did want to send her the beginning of my other novel, didn't I. So, I have to squeeze in time to get that together too. Sigh.

I have no time. It's non-existent. Where the hell did April go? Was it an EQ gorge? I didn't think I played that much. Okay. Seven days to make miracles happen. I have no faith in myself. Bah. That's only going to make things more difficult.

Happy writing anyway!

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  1. Remember that you only have to crit 30 pages per month so you can throw the rest out if your not feeling up to it.