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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One small step, and...okay, just one small step

Well, I sent out my first query to an agent today (um...Monday...didn't I mention something in my last blog about posting before midnight - oh well). It's a tiny step. And I'm not going to say what agent because I don't think it would be proper, and well, I won't name names unless I actually sign with an agent. *fingers crossed*

As for other writing things, I drowned myself in EQ for a while because I think I needed a mind rest after the last couple deadline sprints. I wrote a first chapter to the Shepherd of Dreams idea (which I brainstormed on here about a year ago). That's going to be ripped to shreds by the workshop at my final residency. I really need to get a schedule all set (this includes going to bed before 4am and waking before noon), so I can write and do writing related things for at least 40 hours each week. Sometimes I just don't know where the time hides...it disappears so quickly.

Anyway, WisCon is this coming weekend. Yay! There isn't going to be anyone else I know that's going, but many of the panels look interesting. And I intend to force myself to go to a couple of the parties, just so I can feel all out of place. This time I hope not to have a fever. At least I'll be staying at the hotel, so I can spend a night soaking in the hot tub before I go to bed. :) And I'll be away from EQ - oh no! I'll live. Hehehe. There will be a wireless internet connection, so here's hoping my laptop doesn't say "I'm not working anymore." I hope to squeeze in writing time inbetween all the panels and running around. If anything interesting happens, I promise to blog about it. That's a big IF. Lately, interesting for me usually concerns bad luck.

Okay, enough pessimism for one night. Off to bed, so I can clean, write, and catch up on e-mails tomorrow. Too much to do before WisCon. Happy writing!

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