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Monday, August 29, 2005

Bah and Double Bah

Nope, I haven't posted in a while. Nope, I didn't get one thing of writing done last week (or even attempt to change the meters on this page). Yup, my mind was on a mental vacation for a week and a half. Some personal junk cropped up, and my mind was reeling. I think it needed recovery time.

This week, the entire house needs to be cleaned, otherwise I'm going to likely meld into the dust, grime, and endless dirty dishes.

I guess I should send out more queries, too, since I received all the rejections back from my last queries. And finish critting a friend's chunk of novel.

Those are my major goals for this week, along with getting up earlier than I usually do. I did get up at 10:30am today, although it took a cat barfing to force me to (before that I was thinking another hour in bed sounded lovely). Oh, and I do have a 20 hours only of EQ goal (unless I get everything done on my list - then I can EQ more). This time I've broken it down: 4 hours for exp on my main wizzie (this includes fun LDoN and DoN missions), 4 hours of tradeskilling on all toons, 4 hours of exp on other toons, 4 hours of raiding and helping guildies with things, and 4 hours for quests (including factioning - bleh, I hate factioning). Here's hoping I stick to it. And here's hoping I don't play too much Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time, like I did last week.

Otherwise, I hope to see my meters rise, but right now the cleaning, critting, and submitting more queries is taking precedence. Oh, and the house hunting. That sucks up loads of time.

I did receive my copy of my thesis novel all bound and looking nice. It's thick! So thick that when you look at it you wonder if you can read it. Well, it scares my husband at least. It IS single-sided though, otherwise it would be half the size.

Okay, blog posted on. That's one thing off my list! Yay. Well, happy writing all.

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  1. Congrats on your new let's get shit done attitude. I hope you have luck with the house hunting. Let's see a pic of your tomb!