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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mind - Lost In Space

The title of this post should be expalatory enough. I feel like my brain has been hijacked, and I'm only running on the energy that's left over (soon to be gone). So, who's interested in knowing what's been going on with me? No one. Tough, I'm telling it anyway. :D

Last week, along with the week before, was mostly taken up by house hunting ventures. We actually put an offer down on a house, but then refused the counter-offer after looking at the house again and deciding it wouldn't accommodate (sp?) any of our exsisting furniture.

So, to pile on the stress, New Orleans is under loads of water (I do hope the person I know down there got out okay along with her family). Have I mentioned in my blogging efforts before that my husband and I were supposed to finally have our honeymoon, four years in the waiting? Well, it was supposed to happen at the end of this month. Guess where? Yup, New Orleans. No, we didn't want to go anywhere else - no other options, for those who say, well you could fly elsewhere. New Orleans or bust is our motto. So, we will have no honeymoon this year. Who knows when we'll get a chance again.

Well, the stress was mounting with the house stuff, the vacation cancellations, and other numerous little things. Low and behold mid-week last week I received one of my tell-tale SASEs back in the mail. My thoughts: "Just what I need right now - another rejection." I assumed it was for a short story. Opening it up though, I discovered it was from the agent I had still been waiting to hear from (and no, I hadn't sent out any other queries recently). And he requested a partial. Needless to say, with it being the day where my stress was the highest for the week, and being confronted with some good news that I couldn't be happy about at that moment, I burst into tears. My husband says I'm over-emotional. He might be right. :p Okay, so I am thrilled that I've been given this chance (and I guess it's a good thing I haven't sent out any other queries for a while). After letting my nerves settle from the rollercoaster that was last week, I worked on my detailed synopsis this week, and I just sent out that and my partial to the agent today. :) Now I don’t have to worry about queries for a while.

Argh, I just tried to publish this post, then it wouldn’t publish, so I hit recover post and I lost the end of what I wrote! Now, I’m typing this in Word Perfect so I don’t lose it. Maybe it wouln’t work because I’m using Firefox now? Who knows. Do I remember what else I had? Remember, my mind is gone... Something about Moira being a smartass and me loving her. Oh, yes - the marquee! I changed it. It’s a quote from the short story I’m working on (that I want to continue, but have to finish a crit first). And I think I begged for people to send my brain home if they see it. Finally, happy writing!

Okay, just learned Blogger went down for maintenance right when I was in the middle of my post... How nice of them. So, it’s their fault I lost stuff, and that this is being posted hours AFTER I wrote it.

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