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Monday, December 19, 2005

Long Overdue

I am definitely long overdue for a blog post. See, after my last post, I was hoping I could come back for my next post with a nice balance of good and bad things. Seventeen days later, I realize, fat chance. So, I am going to complain all I want right now, and the only thing that will stop me is if the power goes out. :p

First, I haven't written anything for two weeks straight. Not good at all, of course - I feel strained not having written (the why will be coming, just be patient). I also haven't submitted any queries, which will not be worked until after the first of the year - boy is X-mas approaching swiftly. As for stories, according to my tracking system, I still have one out there; I received two rejections in the last couple weeks.

Here comes the story of the last three and a half weeks. On Dec. 5, we found out that an offer we put on a house was accepted. Yes, this was great news - yay, we were so excited. I didn;t post because I wanted to be sure everything was going to work out. In hindsight, I should have posted because things have just gone downhill. :( The Saturday after acceptance, we had an inspection of the house. Needs some work, of course, it's an old house. But there are asbestos lined pipes in the basement - not good. We gave the seller the right to cure (she's a nice old lady, and has lived many years in that house), and she was willing to incapsulate it after she got estimates, so we went ahead with getting the loan done and getting insurance (which is needed to secure the loan). No problems with the loan, but then my husband's insurance agent calls back and says they can't cover house insurance because of the old knob and tube wiring in the house (and yes, we have asked around since - no one will cover it). This is the rapid downhill portion. It can cost upwards of 2k to replace. We don't have that kind of money, so we asked the seller to cure. She wanted to talk to her son, and right now it's sounding like she will want us to pay half, which is understandable, but we are stretched at our limits for money and couldn't afford something 1k or more. We knew it would have needed to eventually be updated, but we were not expecting such a big thing right away. In the end, all we've done and stressed over will likely come to nothing and we won't get the house because we can't agree to pay half.

So I have been majorly busy with house stuff, plus the X-mas season. And last Friday was pure hell. Within 2 hours of me waking up I had to call the vet again for sick kitties, hear a nasty grinding noise when I started up my comp, found out about insurance not willing to cover us, and had to talk to my mom about three times (this is a bad thing, trust me). Then later that day my mom calls back and tells me my grandpa fell again and was in the hospital, so the nice (nice is a relative word with my family) planned fish fry with mom and grandparents was spent in the hospital - we actually ate in the waiting room.

So, mostly bad stuff. I'm waiting patiently for the year to turn over so I can put crappy 2005 behind me. Has not been my year, and the last 3 weeks have not been good for my depression. I hope to get a new resolution list typed up for the year sometime this week. I will post most of the writing related ones here when I get the chance. Maybe I'll even do a X-mas post. :) I'm not going anywhere, I'll have time - lol. Just glad we can stay in X-mas weekend this year. It's damn cold out there.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays, and a Blessid Yule! That's about as cheerful as I get right now - heh. ;)

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