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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh, So Tired

I know I didn't blog last week. And it's taking a lot of drive to blog right now. I will be more than glad when my 12-week stint with extra work hours comes to an end. It is more than a bit draining. It's the lack of sleep, pure and simple.

Okay, I have yet to get any queries out, but that doesn't mean I've sat idle. Last Tuesday I got my new laptop! So I spent most of last week making sure all the programs I needed were on it and organizing it so it looks nice and I can find everything (like getting rid of the awful XP look and switching to Classic). It is a very nice comp, and hopefully tomorrow, I'll actually be able to use it to write (if I have time...I have a cookout this weekend, and saying the house is a disaster is an understatement).

I didn't write a lot last week, but everything else seemed to sweep me up. This week, though, I'm already up to 1,700 words (look at that meter)! I'm on a roll with the Fate story. I also critiqued a story for a friend, and this Sunday will be the first chat for the crit group I've pulled together (this has consumed a bit of my time - and if most don't show up for the discussion chat, I'll be so sad).

I should be reposting my Daina's Dance meter soon because I'm almost done typing up what I have for the rough draft...and OH will it need revisions badly once the entire rough draft is done. Perhaps the "Blood and Souls" meter will go back up as well, if I can find some time tomorrow to write. Note: the Weekly Goal meter includes any new stuff I have written on other meters. If that makes sense. I don't want to put up a goal meter for the Fate story because I have no inkling of how long it will be. I think I am at least a third of the way done though. It won't be as long as "Hell," which I think I am stalling on typing up because I really don't want to see the length - lol.

Okay, now I feel like I'm wandering a bit. Just too tired. Hopefully more updates from me next week (and here's hoping my goal meter shoots past 2k this - if you didn't notice I reduced it - 5k was unrealistic for me at this point in time).

Happy writing all!

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  1. Good luck with the writing goals.

    I think I created my own Blogger account instead of joining the SHU community. Could you send me another invitation or can I link to the community from mine?

    Sorry to be a pain...