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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! - Goals and Status Update

Yes, I promised updates more often, but I was working my butt off to make up for time missed when I had the morning sickness. The wonderful thing is, now I'm done working! As of December 21, done, done, and done. I didn't want my third trimester to be even more agonizing with even less sleep from getting up so early and the long commute. Need to get as much sleep as I can now before the little one comes!

Anyway, since I am done with work, I now have about 2 months at home. Which means I can hopefully get this house in some semblance of order. And it also means I can get some writing done! So, I'll be cleaning, and once the house looks halfway decent, I'll work on writing - will take a bit to get back in a rhythm - have to oil the gears. Then when the little one comes, I'll be allowing myself a 3 month reprieve from writing until I can work around the munchkin's routine. =) I will be baby-wearing, so I predict most writing will be done with little one in a sling or my Moby wrap.

I'll try to update once a week again (if anyone comes here anymore...). Here are my current writing goals for this year (yes, I still haven't finished those novel rough drafts):

- Finish rough draft of Shepherd of Dreams by March 15
- Finish rough draft of Daina’s Dance by November 1
- Finish 2nd or 3rd draft of Shepherd of Dreams by December 31
- Track Word Count/Productivity
- 20 hours a week of writing related things - Starting January 7, up to a 3 month break when the little one comes
- 5k of new material each week (when working on rough drafts) - Starting January 14, up to a 3 month break when the little one comes
- Begin and complete 6 short stories
- Revise current short stories
- Keep all completed short stories in circulation
- Query agents and editors for The Mind Behind the Mind
- Critique 1 to 2 items a week - Starting January 14, up to a 3 month break when the little one comes
- Blog once a week
- Update website once a week - Starting January 14, up to a 3 month break when the little one comes
- Rekindle writing groups
- Maintain writing groups
- Keep up with writing listserves
- Back-up Files once a week, flash drive back-up every hour
- Read writing newsletters, magazines, and books

Only a few edits from last year, really. My priorities are pretty much going to be the little one first, then writing second. The hubbie will be working full-time, but he's already said he'll try to help me get some writing time in (and some house cleaning assistance - lol).

That's all I have to report for now. I hope everybody has started the New Year off with a bang (mine was spent being woken up by a naughty kitty - pfft). Happy writing!

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