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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Little Progress

So, I didn't get 20 hours worth of writing stuff done this week. I think I tend to expect too much of myself - really need to start making those goals less daunting.

I'd say I spent about 2 hours this week preparing 3 query packages and sending them out. One small step. =) I'm happy to have some queries out there for Mind. I also sent a follow-up e-mail asking about the status of a story I submitted 6 months ago. And I'm actually posting on the blog - a little obvious, I know.

It seems every time I look at the house and think of what needs to be done, I freeze up. Then I spend far too much time reading pregnancy/baby forums and doing small research things for when the little one is here. So, the house is still a disaster. The ever expanding belly and exhaustion don't help either. =/

Since the house is still a cesspit, next week I likely won't meet all those dated goals I had posted (this weekend I have natural birth class and it's hubbie's b-day...plus I must make my peppermint ice cookies before the peppermint ice really is on the iffy side - lol). I hope to at least get some of my completed stories into some slush piles, and update my website.

I also wasted some time this week learning how to make blinkies - I made 2, and probably will only use them on the pregnancy forums I'm on, but I think they look neat. And they are more writing/fantasy related! This will be the only time I annoy you with them I promise:

OK, that's all for this week. A little at a time, right? Hehe. Happy writing!

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