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Sunday, December 07, 2008

No More NaNo (obviously - heh)

This post is GREATLY delayed. About 13 days into NaNoWriMo, I realized there was just no way I was going to be able to hit 50k in a month unless I sacrificed my health - as in if I didn't get any sleep and wrote when the baby was asleep at night, I was going to get myself sick, and I couldn't get sick because I have to take care of her all day and she's still breastfeeding.

So, at the end of the 13 days, I at least felt successful in greasing up the wheels and having written almost 15k, the most I've ever written for a NaNoWriMo attempt. I also knew what I could likely handle writing amount wise in a week.

This is what I decided: when in rough draft novel mode, I should write about 4k per week, which equals about 16 pages - the pace I was going when I wrote for NaNo, on a good streak I can write almost 1k in an hour; one critique per week of about 30 pages or less; and about 4-5 hours worth of either submitting stories, sending out queries, and revising the endless pile of to be revised stories.

This was my plan.

I wanted to implement it starting on the 17th.

The baby did NOT want me to implement it.

She was extremely fussy the week of the 17th - I think that was the week tooth number five finally emerged. And we went to Madison for a family trip and baby toy Yule shopping that Saturday, and I finished a 50 page critique by the following Monday afternoon at least.

Sadly, no one has given me anything else to critique right now!

But that's not the bad part. Remember the thing I didn't want to happen because of lack of sleep with NaNo? Well, that Monday night I started to get a sore throat and got sick! I blame the Madison trip. Thanksgiving I was brainless, and the following three days, all friggin' weekend, I had a fever come and go. Miserable.

This week I have been recovering, and so I now finally get around to posting my plan, only two weeks after I originally planned to post!

Monday, I will attempt to implement my plan, but not the whole thing. My husband will be away for work until late on Thursday, so I will be on full-time baby duty with no husband to take her when I want to get some writing done. Most likely it will be fully implemented after the crazy holidays, but I hope I can at least get some writing done. I have to continue Shepherd. =)

As long as I don't get sick again - humph.

That's the deal right now, and one year I'll finish NaNo, but first I need to finish all the other novels I started. *insert maniacal laughter*

Happy writing!

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