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Monday, May 31, 2010

I Have Proof!

Yesterday, I tweeted that my study was finally clean. Since today is the day before the June Writing Challenge starts, I figured it would be a good time to blog. What better way to start things out than to show proof of my efforts? After all, the study cleaning has been on my To Do List for months! I have added three pictures to this post. OK, I DID cheat a little - all the papers I needed to deal with went back into boxes, which are currently sitting out in the hall. Those boxes will be moved back into my study today, but it will not impede any writing efforts for June. =)

I also finished the first draft of "Love Fades" and have already received a couple of great critiques from my crit partners. The story has also been sent to Critters to gather a few more critiques.

I did two critiques for Critters last week, and I plan to finish another today - I wanted to be a bit ahead so I don't have a lot of pressure to critique in June.

So, as far as the writing goals on my last list, I'm doing well! Don't ask about the dishes and the rest of this messy house.... "Ode to Buses and Libraries" will also have to wait a little longer to be revised.

All I really need to do writing-wise (aside from finishing that one critique) is re-read what I have written for Dead As Dreams, which I will likely do tonight - something nice and relaxing.

I likely won't be blogging everyday during the June Writing Challenge, but I will be keeping everyone updated in various ways. I will tweet my progress each day (or multiple times a day if I have more than one writing session) - those still appear on the left side of my blog, as well as on my Facebook author page. Every few days, I will also make sure the word count goal bar (under the tweets) is updated on my blog. Perhaps I'll do a blog post every now and then, but it depends on how much time I have and how behind I get on the challenge. Wait, was that some pessimism that just sneaked in? I will not get behind on the challenge! There, that's better.

Anyway, I have some cleaning to get done, so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week when I'm trying to write. Happy writing all, and good luck to those challenging themselves along with me!. =D

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