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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

June Writing Challenge

*pops in*

Yea, I'm overdue for a post again. Life does that. =)

So, what have I been up to? Aside from the normal daily tasks (chasing after the little one, destroying evil ferns in my backyard, getting angry at the PS3 for freezing a PS2 game at a certain spot so I can't play it on the PS3 anymore, etc.), I have at least done some writing related things.

Let's see. I'm critiquing about one story a week for Critters, I am signed up for the WPF Writers' Retreat and have my train tickets purchased, all short stories are in slush piles, and I sent out three more queries - the last of the agent queries for Mind (time to start in on the publishers next, but not until after the pitch session at the retreat).

I know, it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's better than nothing. My study is still a disaster and I haven't written a new word (fiction at least) yet this month. =/ All in due time, I know. Good thing is, I now have a box of Raisinets to bribe myself. =D

Anyway, I had this CRAZY idea this week. I long for the push and drive NaNoWriMo gives me to write. I NEED it, but November is too far off. Most of the TV Shows I watch with my husband are reaching their season (or series) finales, so soon there will be a bit more time in the evenings. So, there's no better time than June to start a writing challenge! Anyone want to join me in the craziness?

I was thinking, if people join me, we could all just set our own goals for writing or revising, yet try to aim for a little more than we would normally do in a month's time (or a lot more if you are crazy like me). I really need to get the rough draft of Dead As Dreams finished, so I am going to set my goal scarily high and say 39,000 words. Not quite NaNo proportions, but still pretty darn daunting. I will Twitter tag it #Junewritingchallenge for those of you who are on Twitter. =)

With that idea brewing in my head, that means I have a lot to get done before May ends, just so I don't have as much to worry about. So my goals to be done before June 1 are as follows:

- Oh study, oh study, why can't you clean yourself? - Yup, needs to get done so I can shut myself in and my husband can watch the little one when I write.
- "Love Fades" - That last scene wants to be written. Caradeci is tugging at my neurons to the point of insanity; I just need to find some time this week to get it out.
- "Ode to Buses and Libraries" revision - This one is a maybe, as it will depend on other factors and time constraints.
- Continue critiquing once a week (this week is done already - yay).
- Reread what I have written for Dead As Dreams so I know where I'm at before I delve into the crazy challenge.
- Attempt to get the house in order, so I have less to worry about in June (oh dishes, oh dishes why won't you clean yourselves (and stop piling up)?).
- Finish other non-writing projects that have been lingering on my list for ages - this will mean less worry and stress for June.
- Continue reading Storm of Swords (I've made some progress - just wait until I have a million books to read for my online course, though - ha).

That should do it. Not many days left in the month, and one day this weekend will be tied up taking my little one to the Zoo since it was too cold on Mother's Day, but I can't cut out everything fun!

So, who's with me? Anyone want to challenge themselves in June?

*pops out*


  1. This will dovetail nicely with the Harlequin challenge. I wasn't certain you'd be free to write, with so much going on in your life, so I don't believe I mentioned it to you. But a group of us are forming a loose association to see if we can write a complete Harlequin romance plus marketing synopsis before September 6. You aren't writing a romance, of course, but we can challenge each other. Check out Kelsey Card's Discussions on her FB page for more info.

  2. Yay, glad someone will be plugging along with me. I wonder if I should have a discussion or maybe just a blog post with everyone's big goal for the month. Do you know what your goal for June will be on the project?