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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lavender Legacy - Chapter 1: Meet Lila Lavender

The Lavender Legacy series follows the Lavender family from the Sims 3: Supernatural game. Lila Lavender is the progenitor. Who knows what crazy things will happen in the lives of the Lavenders!

Meet Lila Lavender

Lila is a fairy that loves gardening above all else. However, that's not the only thing she enjoys to pass the time--art comes a close second. By most standards, she's highly intelligent, so don't try to get into a debate with her. Not to mention she descends from a long line of temperamental fairies. It's best to agree with her, or you may see her true colors under all of that purple. She's also an incorrigible flirt--human, fairy, werewolf, vampire, it's no matter to her.

Lila just moved into Moonlight Falls, a neighborhood she hopes she'll feel right at home in. Her first few days of settling in, though, give her no time to make new friends, let alone find some romantic interests! The first day she deals with the hassle of purchasing the bare essentials for her two-bedroom ranch. But she also makes sure there's some time to start her garden as well as relax and watch part of a game at the local stadium. She also gets a job as a Test Subject in the science track! Got to make some money, no matter how menial.

As the second day in her new home dawns, she doesn't expect to be faced with a stove fire while making breakfast. A handsome vampire firefighter comes to her rescue, but she's already put out the flames before he arrives, so he's none too pleased. She tries to calm herself down for the day by going to work and then tending to her garden.

Day three doesn't leave Lila much time for anything other than work and gardening. But on only her fourth day in town, she receives a promotion at work--she's now a Lab Tech. She treats herself to a massage at the spa. Unfortunately, it's the night of the full moon, so while she sleeps, a zombie devours her garden!

Will Lila be able to repair the damage done to her beautiful garden? Find out in Chapter 2!

Are there some things you'd be interested in seeing Lila do? Any particular tortures you'd like to see inflicted on her? Feel free to make some suggestions, and if they're interesting enough, I may just use them!

NEXT UP: Yearly Goals and Monthly Update

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