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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

And...Missed Midsummer This Year

Yup, I was supposed to write about Midsummer, which happened on June 21 this year. At this point, I'm going to save that post for next year. June was a crazy month, with the first week being the craziest. My husband was out of town for work the whole week, so that left me alone with both of the kids. Talk about a way to wear anyone down! The 14th we had to take one of our cats in to be put to sleep (eye tumor). And the week immediately after the 21st (which is when I planned to write up the post), we spent the whole week getting the house straightened due to a cookout we had on the 28th. I hate cleaning. Hate.

Needless to say, I didn't get much writing done either. I tried to write on June 1st, Day 1 of "Home Alone With Two Crazy Kids", and I was so exhausted I was making such silly mistakes. Definitely a facepalm moment.

But June is over. It's July now. Yay! A new month is always good. Especially a new month where I have already made great writing progress. I'm back to revising Dead As Dreams, and I did another edit of Chapters 1-6 already (see my shiny progress bar to the left - progress!). I will now be in never-revised-before territory. Eep. I just hope I can make it as good as I want to. I love the world so much. Actually, I love my two main characters so much. The next time I post a snippet of what I'm writing, I promise it'll be from that novel.

Keeping this post short, though. Next post will be a sad one, but I feel obligated to do a small In Memoriam for our kitty who is now gone, especially since I have a post oh so many years back from when we first got her.

For now, I wish you all happy reading and writing!

NEXT UP: In Memoriam - Amara

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