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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lavender Legacy - Chapter 3: The Heart Wants

The Lavender Legacy series follows the Lavender family from the Sims 3: Supernatural game. Lila Lavender is the progenitor. Who knows what crazy things will happen in the lives of the Lavenders!

You can find previous chapters and the current chapter on Wattpad.

The Heart Wants

Lila has a good cry over her lost plants--she wishes there was something to chase off the zombies, but she knows it's not possible.

Her bad luck continues to bleed into the next day, unfortunately. She's furious, and she realizes her attitude can easily effect things around her, but she can't help herself. So, she grudgingly eats her unevenly cooked breakfast, and then curses the shower when it breaks on her as she's showering....

Enough of this. She suffers through work, then comes home and buys herself a fairy castle. It's time for some rest and relaxation, fairy style! She's already decided she's going to play hookie from work tomorrow. She sips her pollen punch, determined to stick to her guns.

At least she's able to revive two of her apple trees. And fix the damned shower.

The next day, she sticks to her decision and blows off work. Instead she finds some special seeds, sells some produce, paints, and plants. To end the day she has some fun at the Red Velvet Lounge, making friends, dancing, and enjoying herself. What a relaxing day, though the fear of getting fired lingers in the back of her mind.

Of course the fun doesn't last. She has the next day off of work, but she starts it off with her toilet breaking. This time, she's not going to let it get her down. She helps her friend Belinda by repairing her TV, paints another picture, and then has herself a fairy house party! You can't say fairies don't know how to party.

To keep things rolling along, she heads out to the Red Velvet Lounge and makes friends with Chauncey Grimm. Well, she's hoping their relationship can grow to more than friends. He rebuffs all of her flirtatious advances, though. True, he's in a relationship, but the heart wants what the heart wants!

Lila heads home, depressed over her relationship status. Can't she find someone to be happy with? Or at least someone to have some fun with? This fairy doesn't want to be alone forever. And life in Moonlight Falls would be so much better with a partner by her side.

The following day, she hears of a new neighbor that's moved into town. Supposedly a handsome, vampire neighbor. Her heart pounds in her throat as she makes the decision to visit him and welcome him to Moonlight Falls.

Will this new mystery man be the vampire of her dreams? Or will he spurn her like every other man she's fallen for?

Are there some things you'd be interested in seeing Lila do? Any particular tortures you'd like to see inflicted on her? Feel free to make some suggestions, and if they're interesting enough, I may just use them!

NEXT UP: What Am I Writing?

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