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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Publication Update - 2/25/16

I posted The Plan back in May of 2015. Clearly I've been trucking along and rolling things out, if you've seen some of my snippet posts. Some things have changed or been shifted around, but for the most part I'm on track with publishing one short story per month since October 2015.

I figured I was due for an update here on Born to Write, though. So here it is! Below you'll find the titles I've published since October 2015, links to the snippets you can read on this blog, and my publication schedule through October 2016. Usual disclaimer: things may change! Even this list doesn't reflect the original Plan exactly, as I've rearranged some things and decided to replace at least one story with another.

Also, as a side note, my original intention was to take my stories wide, but I instead decided to try KDP Select out. I won't assess going wide again until likely after I've published Mind Behind the Mind. In all likelihood, I will go wide in 2017, but I want to see how KDP Select treats me through the rest of the Baker's Dozen Experiment.

Publications from October 13, 2015 through February 13, 2016

Fractured Fairies: Immortal Woes & Ode to Buses and Libraries [October 13, 2015] - Amazon and Snippet

Dreams in Shadow: A Fortunes of Fate Story [November 13, 2015] - Amazon and Snippet

Tales of Chyraine: Two Short Stories [December 13, 2015] - "This Is Where I Stand" and "Cold, Oh So Cold" - Amazon and Snippet

Love Fades: A Fortunes of Fate Story [January 13, 2016] - Amazon and Snippet

Hell Hath No Fury [February 13, 2016] - Amazon and Snippet

Upcoming Publications

Bound [March 13, 2016] - Already up on Amazon for Pre-Order!

❦ Blood & Booze: Two Short Stories [April 13, 2016] - "Bloodstains" (an end of the world dark fantasy) and "Hair of the Dog" (a 20's urban fantasy)

Reversed: A Fortunes of Fate Story [May 13, 2016] - (epic fantasy)

S.O.L. Air: A Fractured Fairies Story [June 13, 2016] - (humorous fantasy)

Sunset Street [July 13, 2016] - (portal/urban fantasy)

Beguiling Moon: A Fortunes of Fate Story [August 13, 2016] - (epic fantasy)

Void of Intuition: A Fortunes of Fate Story [September 13, 2016] - (urban fantasy)

Mind Behind the Mind [October 13, 2016] - Book One of Trinity Torn (dark romantic epic fantasy)

And remember, if you want to be updated once per month (probably a little less once the Baker's Dozen Experiment is complete) with my upcoming publications, please consider subscribing to my Newsletter.

I'm refraining from reporting any statistics until at least a month after the release of Mind Behind the Mind. There have been some ups and downs, of course. I've also tried a couple free promos, one for Dancing in the Wind: A Short Story and another for Dreams in Shadow: A Fortunes of Fate Story. I may do one or two more promos this year, but nothing's confirmed!

All in all, I'm happy to be on this journey, and I'm ever curious at how things will unfold. Happy reading!

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