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Friday, May 20, 2016

Team Cap All the Way!

***WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the movie Captain America: Civil War. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you may want to wait to read this. I take no responsibility in spoiling the awesomeness of this movie if you ignore this warning and read on. If you're still wondering if you should go see it, I highly recommend it.***

Now, I don't promise much thoughtful analysis on Captain America: Civil War. I'm kind of in the Fan Girl Zone lately. So, I may just be listing all the fun things I like about it. We'll see how close I examine some things. I'm always happy to hear other people's opinions and viewpoints as well (even if you hated the movie, really).

Now, clearly from the title, I'm on the side of Team Cap. Like him, I trust people, not organizations. Those darn organizations, they always have an agenda!

True, the Avengers cause a hell of a lot of destruction. Hubbie and I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron again the week after, and that was really the first time he got to see most of it (due to toddler issues in the theater - he kindly let me watch while he took her out), and he was pointing out all the destruction and said he might just switch from Team Cap to Team Iron Man.

Nope, we don't have political debates in our house, we have superhero debates. Heh.

Anyway, yes so much destruction! But I honestly don't believe these big baddies wouldn't be around if the Avengers didn't exist. If the Avengers didn't exist Earth would probably be a smoldering afterthought in space. What's a little destruction when in the end you save the world? I mean, Ultron was Tony's fault, though...

Enough about whose side I'm on because no matter what side anyone chooses, this was a damned good movie! Captain America: Civil War was definitely better than Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hands down. And my favorite Captain America movie (hubbie's is Winter Soldier - how do we live with each other with all of these superhero disagreements? - lol).

They balanced all of the superheroes in this movie well, in my opinion. I know some say that Spider-Man stole the show in the airport battle, but I don't think he did. He lent to a lot of other commentary from the other characters, like when Falcon tells Winter Soldier he hates him after Spider-Man trips them up with a little web action. Awesome.

Speaking of Spider-Man, I was seriously leery about yet another reboot of that franchise, but after seeing him in Civil War, I'm excited. I need the Spidie with a sense of humor! I especially loved the bit where he referenced Star Wars and brought down Ant Man. Especially the following responses.

And that whole Black Widow as the double agent thing in the end (I mean, I know she wasn't really intending to be, but that is what happened) was fitting as well.

Oh, and Black Panther! I'm now looking forward to that movie as well. And it's kind of nice that they used Civil War as more of the origin story set up, so then the first Black Panther movie shouldn't need to be the origin story type.

The battles were some of the best too, the airport scene at the top of the list. You clearly knew they were all pulling their punches - they didn't want to kill each other - they're friends, even if they're of different minds! I thought the end of that fight was also extremely well done. War Machine was hit by friendly fire, and I think that was a good choice, as if he had been hit by the other side, there would have been a lot more animosity between both sides, even by the end of the movie.

Finally, I do want to get back to why I'm Team Cap. I guess Captain America doesn't let his emotions blind him, in my opinion, whereas Iron Man is completely consumed by his emotions when he finds out Winter Soldier killed his parents. I can't help but feel Tony is in the wrong when he goes after Bucky. Yes, Winter Soldier killed his parents, but he was under mind control, for the love of gods! Would he have reacted the same way if say, Cap had done it? Someone who he was truly friends with? Would he have hesitated or reacted the same way? Maybe the latter, since he does fight Cap at the end.

Seriously, vengeance can completely derail the best of people! And Tony "Stank" (best Stan Lee cameo ever) already has the cards stacked against him for truly being a good person at times. I guess it could be said that maybe he supports the Socovia Accords to repent for his megalomaniac actions in Age of Ultron. Maybe.

OK, I've rambled on long enough. I did enjoy the movie, and right now it's in my top four for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Heck, it might even nudge out the first Avengers movie for me (Guardians is still my favorite, and Ant Man was awesome as well).

Though now I'm a bit scared about the let down I'm expecting from X-Men: Apocalypse. I've heard not good things, and if they end up doing one thing that I really don't want them to do, I may never watch an X-Men movie again. We'll see, and that's a blog post for another day!


  1. It wasn't just Spider-man who made me laugh during the airport battle. Ant-man had some great moments. Remember: "Hi, I'm your conscience."? :)

    1. Oh, yes, I agree Ant Man was great in that battle as well! His humor is why Ant Man is in my top 3 or 4 for the Marvel movies!