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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Adventures of Karriya the Wizard - The Gods, Part 2

The Adventures of Karriya the Wizard is a series based on the main character I play in Everquest. Though most of what I write actually happened, many events might be embellished and exaggerated to create a better story. Happy hunting (and reading)!

Origin Story ~ The Gods, Part 1

How long has it been since Karriya's last adventures were told? Too long! And she has a bone to pick with me because haughty High Elves love to be in the limelight, and I've neglected her (thankfully she hasn't been completely neglected in the game, though finding time to play as of late has been a challenge).

Unfortunately, her slaying and cavorting with the gods of Norrath have faded into foggy memories, so there might be more spinning of tales than truth in this entry. Or maybe I only think the memories are fuzzy, and the tales I spin will actually be the truth in disguise...

Well then, Karriya says I'm blathering on too much and need to start talking about her. Very well.

First, she wanted me to tell everyone about the time she stormed Drunder, The Fortress of Zek (also known as the Plane of Tactics). With Yushuv by her side, they felled the brothers Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek, followed by their father Rallos Zek. But no, that wasn't grand enough in her opinion. Then she considered the time she fought and then parlayed with Luclin in The Plane of Shadows -- ah, how regal the god looked upon her throne. No, no, not enough. Solusek Ro and Innoruk? Still too boring...

Karriya is indecisive at the best of times.

Why not the time she faced the Fabled versions of many of the gods all in one adventure, both Rondor and Yushuv at her side (and Downpour, of course -- can't forget the little druid)? Yes, that's it!

At the end of the many quests in the Planes of Power there lies the Plane of Time. And in this plane, the gods await. It just so happens that Karriya stormed it when the stronger, Fabled, versions were ready to smite her and her group of adventurers. No single-handed killing for the wizzie this time, and seeing many of the gods in one place sent flashbacks cascading across her mind of all the times she'd killed them in other zones.

Mighty Saryrn and the dark Terris Thule wailed as they fell to Karriya's mighty nukes.

And then as if searching for revenge from her adventure in Drunder, Fortress of Zek, Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek attempted to splat the wizzie while Yushuv pummeled on them with his axe.

Rondor assisted with dots and heals when they assaulted Bertoxxulous and Cazic Thule.

Finally, Innoruuk and Rallos Zek trembled at Karriya and gang and the power they held, the power they used to tear the gods down.

But a picture's worth a thousand words, isn't it? At least that's the point Karriya is at because she needs a nap after all of that god slaying. Oh, and because Rondor informed her some time ago that there are now new god killing achievements. Wait, what? She has to go back to the Planes of Power and kill all of those gods again? Sometimes she forgets it is called EVERquest...

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