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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Summoners War - Which Mon Is Next?

It's another Summoners War post - yay! (Unless you were hoping I wouldn't post anything else about this wretched game...).

After a couple months, my Water/Light/Dark account is coming along nicely. Slow but sure. As mentioned in my last post, I focused on working on my Light Imp Champion. There he is below - Shaffron, all Awakened and max level at 40. I'm still building his skills up, though, as I haven't gotten many extra Imp Champions to feed to him. Still, I'm pretty pleased with his stabbing game. ;) He can hold his own in a battle as well as pack a wallop.

I didn't just work on Shaffron. There was a special event that allowed us to get the Light Fairy Queen, and she is hands down one of the best healers in the game. Look at my cute little Fran. She's a prefect companion for Shaffron, too, and I don't regret quickly taking her to level 40. She's also max skills, since getting a hold of other fairies is pretty easy.

Now, I had mentioned I might post a pretty and shiny Mon from one of my other accounts now and then, but it just so happens I got a really nice one on the Water/Light/Dark account. Look at the Druid! And I was so lucky he turned out to be the Water one (since I would have had to shove a Wind or Fire one in storage). He's not Awakened yet, but when he is he has the option to turn into a wolf - pretty awesome. I'll make sure to include Awakened pics next Summoners War post. Currently, he's the next up for me to get to level 40.

I was super lucky to pull that 5-Star Druid, but I also feel pretty lucky with the Light and Dark Mons that I've summoned lately. So many interesting ones that I want to work on, that I can't decide which one I should focus on next (well, after I tend to that Druid, of course)!

So, I need everyone's help. Which Mon should I work on next? I'll list the options below. You can either comment on this post or vote using the simple Google Form (if you'd like to stay anonymous, this is the best choice): Which Mon Is Next?

I can't wait to see what everyone suggests! Happy hunting!

Eludain, Light Inferno

Groggo, Light Golem

Shren, Light High Elemental

Karakum, Dark Mummy

Driller, Light Frankenstein

Silver, Light Living Armor

Thrain, Dark Grim Reaper

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