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Thursday, February 26, 2004

I guess it's about time I add a new entry, huh? Well, I stayed home sick from work yesterday and did absolutely nothing. Slept till noon then watched my husband play video games all day. And of course, now I'm here at work and feel even more beat then I did yesterday. Hmph. That's not the way it's supposed to work!

Anyway, I guess I should talk about my writing woes. I'm having a difficult time getting into one of my main character's head. I don't know what it is, but he just doesn't want to open up to me. Kind of like he doesn't really want to open up to Tessa. And I thought she had major psychological problems (addiction to sex as a comforter and such). Looks like I have two emotionally messed up characters. I just feel like the next few chapters with Bastian's character are going to be dull and drab. Some of the things are necessary to happen, but I feel like I'm missing something more I could add to color the chapters. That's what revising is for, I guess. :)

I'm also reading Strategies of Fantasy. Did I ever mention how much I hate theory? Especially when it comes to fantasy. Sometimes I think people just pick apart things too much, look deeply into something that was never really intended when written, on a conscious level. The book is like two decades old too. They talk of postmedernism. Are we technically still in that era, or is there a new movement now? See this is what I get for taking writing classes instead of lit classes for my B.A. in English. Maybe I should save some of this rant for my reading journal...

Goal: write more than I did last weekend. I didn't write much because of a couple things. First, two rejections on a Friday do not bode well for encouraging me to write. I mean, they were nice rejections, and I totally understood why they were rejected (and it wasn't because my writing sucks, amazingly enough), but to get them before I have to write for the weekend! I have the luck... And then of course there was the aforementioned block with one of my characters. I'm just going to have sit down and force myself to write his chapters even if it is all crap.

Time to go actually work now. Here's hoping I don't fall asleep or throw up (gods forbid if both were to happen at the same time).

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