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Monday, February 09, 2004

Well, I made it through the first deadline of the term. I'm beat. Three more months left? I wish I didn't have to work, then I wouldn't be so drained. And of course there's the dreaded passing of the Admission to Candidacy. I have to edit my three chapters (not as extensive as I did this past week, thank the gods), and then hope my mentor will accept them. *Sigh*

Anyway, I was thinking this past week how some ideas come about. The domino effect is truly amazing at times. I know, no one wants to hear about this, but I'm going to talk about it anyway. I wanted to integrate my villian more into the first three chapters. Okay. Well, I had a comment about the character seeking help being poor, and since she was poor why would she ask for the Witches' help. Okay. Well, she wasn't poor to me. Her husband and her didn't have any children, so the big house was too big for them and that's why they're in a dinky house. So, I added in that they moved a few years back, just to show that they weren't poor. So, then I started thinking after I added that in: hmm, a big abandoned house in the orchards. Wouldn't that be a perfect hiding place for the villian? Hence, I will have a new scene (or scenes) starting in Chapter 4.

I know that's only interesting to me. Here's another one. Someone commented that the law building probably wouldn't be the oldest in town. Instead of changing it's shabbiness, I thought, why not make it in an old church? Hence another big underlying factor that will be woven into the book. I never thought t would develop into a holy war of sorts between the Witches and the rest of the people in Leera, but I have a feeling it will play a big part, especially when I'm working on rewriting the whole thing. Hmm....I need to come up with the mythology concerning Leera's Goddess (the Witches' diety) and the God (everyone elses' diety). Maybe to divorcies, so to speak?

Ignore me. I'm pathetic. Although, I'm happy to say at least I feel my world is rounding out a bit more. Although I still feel majorly insecure about my writing. *Sigh* Okay, time to edit those chapters...

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