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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Okay, a few things. First, I'm depressed as all hell with my writing. And it's hard trying to unconvince myself that my writing sucks more than rotten eggs. I keep telling myself that I'm writing for myself, first and foremost, but that's starting not to work because when I read over what I wrote I think it's crap even before I send it out to be critiqued.

Speaking of something along the lines of crap... I finished reading Laurell K. Hamilton's new book Caressed by Moonlight. You know, she just isn't paying attention to her writing as well as she used to. Obsidion Butterfly was probably her last half-way decent novel. This last one was filled with sex (as with her other recent books), and major plot holes - yes I'll use the cliche - you could drive a Mack truck through them! It's no longer horror/dark fantasy that she's writing, it's straight erotica. Is she sexually repressed or something? The main character had six guys in her bed before this book started, and now at the end she added about, let's see, six or seven. That's a hell of a lot of men to keep track of. Not to mention they're personalities just aren't unique enough. Maybe one or two aren't one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs. If I ever get published (and that if is bigger than all the plot holes I found in her book), I will never let my writing slack that much once if I'd ever get a following of people who would read anything I write and praise it even it it was crap... There were a couple redeeming qualities about her book, but the behind the scenes mythology/religion used shouldn't be the only thing keeping the reader reading.

On another topic, I was a bad girl this weekend. I needed a breather from all the dark fantasy I've been writing. so, I wrote a humorous fantasy story. Mind you, my sense of humor sucks, so no one else would most likely find what I wrote funny. I think it's funny - I'm still giggling over it. I should have added to my novel, but I needed to get something humorous out of my system. Maybe I'll post it to my website soon. Then everyone can tell me how funny it isn't.

Enough for now. Back to work for me. *groans* When is my husband going to get that six figure a year income? With a library degree never... So much for writing crappily full-time!

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