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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Angle

Okay, I'll get into the title of this post after one thing.

There he is. My twelve-year-old goldfish. You know I had to post it as a large pic - Stars deserves no less. I do think he's determined to live until I get a novel published. Do you think he knows that means he might have to live forever?

Anyway, as my post title says, I'm approaching my procrastination thing from a new angle. Starting today. I have to find some way of engouraging my brain (or tricking it, as the case may be). The lists thing isn't working, even though I will always have my lists, otherwise I will forget half the things I need to do. So, I now have a word meter on my blog (see the little worm off the the left, right under my profile info).

If I don't update that every other day at least, well, I'd say I'd shoot myself in my foot, but I don't own a gun and pain is not my friend, so I'll say I'll feel even more guiltier than usual. Okay, okay, I need a punishment if I'm bad. Let's see. Taking some Everquest time away is the only punishment I can think of right now. And that won't work because I have no willpower, and my husband won't stop me. Then it might have to be the reward thing. Well, that can't include anything having to do with buying things, so that narrows down the field pretty dam quickly. I'll have to think harder about the punishment reward thing if I don't keep moving that counter up. Any suggestions are welcome (within reason - yes, this note is for you, Chun).

Anyway, I got the idea for the word meter thing from Diana's live journal - she's counting up to when the last of her rough draft is finished. I know I had one of those counter things during Nanowrimo and it didn't help me write more, but this time it's a worm, and that makes all the difference (lmao). :) I also only intend to use it for novel length projects. I tend not to have a word goal for short stories because I never know how long they'll be. Perhaps I'll add a second bar eventually for total word count in a week. That might be a good idea. I'll think about it...thinking, okay, I twisted my arm. I think that one will be a silver counter.

The things I do to try to trick myself. Oh fudge, I have to do dishes before the hubbie comes home. Adding the counter then off to clean. Happy writing!


  1. You're still way ahead of me! Though I'm better than I was. Must. Keep. Writing.

  2. Oh, also, I want you to know that gunngirl is Dedra, from your writing mailing list. I want a link on your blog! LOL

  3. That guy wouldn't be more than a bite or two of sushi.