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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Okay, I think I know the biggest reason why I haven't blogged lately. If I post what I'm about to post, it will have to solidify in reality and I'll have to accept it because it will be readable by the public. Then I'll be sad. I might cry (I'm an emotional mess - ask my husband, I cry at way too many sad scenes on TV and in movies). That was a tangent. See - I don't want to say it. But I have to don't I? I mean, you'll all be able to see it in my profile now anyway, since I updated the darn thing. Here I go. A strange sense of vertigo is taking over. Okay, that's all in my head. Yes, I'll stop putting it off now.

I'm finally graduated! I now have my Master of Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction. And I don't have those wonderful week-long residencies to look forward to. *cries* I warned you.

Okay, I am sad about the residencies and the socializing with people who have the same goal in the writing program (it's the socialization I looked forward to - me the socially handicapped one). But, I'm also happy I finished it. It's an accomplishment for me, and well, I'm proud of myself. Not only that, but the final residency was a blast. Little sleep and small shocks. The shock mainly being the response I got when I did my thesis reading (20 minutes of selected scenes in my novel). Everyone loved it! I still think now and again they were just being nice, but then I tell myself to stop being so pessimistic (see, I'm trying). I had to be grilled with questions by my mentors right after the reading and then by everyone else listening. They all started asking storyline and background questions, and me being a fool was giving some of it away until I finally realized what they were doing and said: Enough! Read the novel! So now I have to get it published so they can read the novel. :p Got to love how that works.

I know I should have posted about residency a week ago when I got back, but I think it all needed to settle. In January I'll still be, "Aren't I supposed to be in Pennsylvania?" I also took the week off last week. Although, I did tweak a story and submit it to another mag. Oh, I still haven't heard anything from that second agent. This week I hope to send another query out at least, as I try to catch up with other writerly things (and now look for a part-time job - bleh).

I thought this blog would be longer. That I'd have more to talk about. My mind just had an overload. Too much Mountain Dew I think. Well, if I missed anything big, I'm sure Chun will remind me, so I'll just have to post again.

Oh, yes - look at the picture of Roland. Isn't he a snot? (if the image posting thing is working that is)

Happy Writing!


  1. This cat calls out to me. It says "Rub my tummy or I shall swallow your soul!"

  2. Roland. Hee. I sorta like human names for pets. Coincendently, I also have an all black pet. A cat. Anyway, I'm jealous of your Masters degree in pop. fiction. Sigh. Must get back to writing. SMILES!

  3. Congratulations on graduating, you survived! Now's a great time to wind "The Clock," don't you think?

  4. You can apply to the Seton Hill program as well. They are looking for slots in the January residency.

  5. Gunngirl - I agree with Chun. If you're really interested, apply. It's a great program, and if you have any questions about it, I'm always happy to answer them (and Chun would likely be too).

    Super Dave - I know. I know. That incessant ticking is driving me nuts (along with all the other things I've been putting off, like e-mailing you and a million other people). :)

    And thanks for the congrats all!

    Hm...I think this is the most comments I've ever had on one of my blog posts. lol